We use triple-layer, sandwich type construction with DuPont Cordura® fabric to create the pouches for carrying fasteners and tools in an organized fashion.

The thread used is Dabond 2000® – 60-pound test which is ultraviolet- light and chemical resistant.

The belts consist of heavy-duty webbing rated to 5000 pounds and employs 14 feet of seat-belt webbing to make the floating belt system. The system rides on a foam-padded, Cordura®-covered waist pad.

Pouches are connected by our UNIQUE Hook and Loop fastener quick release system, creating a sandwich shear of 675 pounds! This is how our pouches are interchangeable with our belt system. See customizing your own belt for more information.

It’s easy to interchange pouches and accessories while using the same belt system. If you are framing on Monday and wiring electric on Tuesday, there is no need to switch out tools, just change your ready-to-go pouch.

Our triple-layer DuPont Cordura® bags will outlast anything on the market.

With the purchase of a 6” belt, we recommend purchasing a Hook and Loop Closure Pants Belt which you wear like a regular belt on your pants. This fastens to the main tool belt, resulting in your pants, and the belt, staying in place.

Every piece of material on this tool belt system is made and assembled in the USA with great pride.