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Biz/Build Podcast by Diamondback

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  • The Finale is here.   
  • We began with a few things to discuss with our accountant, Bryce, but once we got rolling we soon discovered there was so much to unpack with this episode. This conversation was a big one. It doesn't end here. More coming next week with Part 3. 
  • In this episode we talk to business accountant Bryce Fletcher about everything accounting and how he went from an English major to a Framer to a number crunching nerd. Learn why having a quality accountant can help you gauge the health of your business and give you peace of mind.
  • How does operations data different than marketing data? How did we even manage this conversation for so long? 
  • The convo continues…
  • In possibly the craziest episode yet, Damani and Connor discuss what numbers matter to you and your business when you are analyzing data. Someone pops in unexpectedly to say hello and Damani talks about having a celebrity crush.
  • In part two of our conversation we take lessons learned from the successes and failures of retail outlets and apply them to the trades industry. Learn how to maximize your value in a society that has been conditioned to want the biggest faster and at the cheapest cost.
  • Welcome back and thank you for joining us on Season 2. We kick this season off exploring how a simple post-holiday shopping trip Connor took with his wife inspired him to dig deeper into why retail stores are closing around the country. 
  • In the finale of Season One we leave you with a song…not a very good one, but a song nonetheless. We will return in mid January with Season Two. Thanks for tuning in. P.S. if you are interested in some of the music you can find it here:
  • In the finale of Season 1 we change things up a bit and let Connor interview Damani about his involvement with Diamondback® and the winding road that brought him there.  

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356 Reviews
  • “Purchased the Diamondback Utility Sheath XL to hold a 14”x 1 1/2” all steel chisel. The sheath clips on easily to my Saratoga tool vest. Sheath is very well made and durable. Great job Diamondback!”
  • 4 weeks ago
    “I measured very precisely and followed the directions for fit And I still have to tighten the belt as far as it can possibly go for it to fit. Not so bad when it’s cold out with heavy sweaters on but with just a T-shirt, I hope I don’t lose any weight. I’m 6 ft 185 lbs I definitely like it a lot but the medium should have fit fine. Seems odd. Wish the magnet was stronger. And wish there was just one more pouch on the maestro style for nails so I don’t have to go spend another fortune customizing this. Yes I now realize I should have just gone with the artisan, but I’m still happy”
  • a month ago
    “I really like the organization available with these bags. They are very comfortable to carry. I do a lot of remodel/finish work and end up carrying a lot of miscellaneous handy tools and fasteners all day. The belt sizing is a little weird- I measured, as recommended, and ordered a Medium belt, I’m 6’0” 180’lbs, and it was TOO big. I returned the belt for a small and had to eat the shipping charges. The SMALL fits but the buckle is far off center and the bags sit behind my hip bones. I understand the design and really appreciate the construction of waist belt, but I think there needs to be a S/M size worked into the sizing specs. I built a custom set with the Miter bag on my dominate side, and the Wrangle on my off side. I REALLY like this set up. It will give me a lot of versatility for a large scope of work. I have found that some of the small sleeves for pencils, nail punches, etc are hard to access because of how the side pouch over laps them. That being said, I am really excited for these bags. I love how modular they are!”
  • a week ago
    “I had researched several brands before deciding on Diamondbacks. With so many options and not knowing what was best, I settled on the Chopo setup based on the minimal setup. Big enough bag on non dominant side to hold what I need for framing, and small bag on dominant side to reduce carrying too much. Added the suspenders to take some pressure off my hips throughout the day (not a spring chicken anymore). Without a doubt, noticeable difference in weight, distribution and comfort day one. I went 2 weeks without breaking them in (as directed by Diamondback) and still was flexible enough not struggle. Since, have stretch them and enjoy putting my belt on and going to work everyday. Great customer service. Great product. Great craftsmanship. Hope to retire from this profession and walk away still wearing this rig in the way out. Thanks Diamondback!”