Why Diamondback?

Our products meet the rugged demands of the trades worldwide, even in the toughest climates and conditions. Our comprehensive tool-carrying systems keep hardworking professionals comfortable and productive every day on the job.


Outsource the heavy lifting with ergonomic design.

Our padded, contoured nylon belts distribute weight away from your hips to reduce pressure and provide unrivaled back support, enabling you to work as long as you need to get the job done. A COBRA® quick release buckle ensures secure fastening and easy removal.

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Matt Bangs cutting wood while wearing Diamondback® Eagle pouch


Because no jobs are exactly the same.

A framing job does not require the same tools as an install, form work, or drywall work. Additionally, two people in the same trade may carry different types of tools and want to store them in different places. The Diamondback® System is completely modular making it easy to build your own individualized setup and stay efficient in changing work environments.

For the ultimate weight distribution and comfort, try our 701 Vest. Outfit your vest light and lean for trim work or with shoulder and lumbar pads to comfortably haul the heaviest framing loads.

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Female tradesperson on a job site wearing Diamondback® tool belt system


Move freely on the job site without bulk or damage to surroundings.

Low-profile pouches hang close to the body and are constructed with minimal, if any, metal parts so you don’t have to worry about scratching finished surfaces or parts rusting. Each pouch attaches securely to your belt via our hook and loop attachment system, so everything stays right where you want it.

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Diamondback® tool belt system, photo by pirre_mackan_


Every tool at the ready. Every time.

Your productivity on the job is about efficiency and organization. Our nylon pouches, tool holders, and other accessories keep your gear where you need it to minimize motion and time spent looking for tools and materials. It’s grab-and-go time.

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Diamondback® Wrangell pouch worn by carpenter and general contractor


Quality that is built to last.

Made in America from the most durable materials we could find and designed to withstand the rigors of daily job site use and abuse, our tool belts are regularly reported to last for 15 years or longer.

We use 1000D (denier) military-grade nylon, a material with superior tear and abrasion resistance that can weigh 50% less than leather.

Lightweight, breathable, and washable, yet durable…that’s a combination you can work with.

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Diamondback® Raptor tool belt system with Eagle and Talon pouches

A Diamondback® tool belt doesn’t just carry tools, it’s a tool itself.

Our tool belt systems are top-of-the-line in value and are built to last for a really, really long time. It’s an investment in your health and productivity that you’ll be glad you made.

But don’t just take our word for it! Follow #diamondbacktoolbelts on Instagram to see what actual users are saying.

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356 Reviews
  • 5 days ago
    “I purchased the GRRande bags. Great fit and comfortable. I can have 12 racks of 16 gun nails and my impact hanging and my gun hanging on the opposite and I can bend down and pick up a 2x6 before I climb up a ladder. Very well built. Are they worth the money? Time will tell... that said I recommend you give them a shot. Most comfortable bags I’ve worn and can carry all the weight you need and weigh less than leather bags AAAaaaaand I can fit through spaces that other bags say “no chance friend””
  • 2 months ago
    “I wasn’t sure about this rig at first. I tried the Denali setup on the 701 vest. Turns out I absolutely love it. I hate trips back and forth to the truck or tool box. I have a specific framing rig setup, but I carry things I ALWAYS end up using throughout the day. I used occidental for a couple years but my back has been giving me fits- not because of the occidental bags but because (apparently) I’m not in my 20’s anymore. The vest takes a huge load off my hips and I keep the vest belt tight around my waist. The shoulder support coupled with the belt not sagging has been SUCH an improvement. I really like the hammer holster in the front, it gets in the way climbing through rafters so I just move the hammer to the back loop- so easy. I LOVE the dedicated spot for a screw gun. The one improvement over occidental is that the rear cats paw sleeve as well as the sleeve for your combo square are much more accessible. I had to contort myself to see where I was reaching on the occidentals. The wrangell pouch sits lower and allows me to easily turn my head and slide everything where it goes. It sounds petty but if you’re on a roof screwing around in a tight spot trying to put your tools away while your buddy is squawking at you- it IS a big deal. There is one buckle on the right side that won’t stop maladjusting in my side. It annoys me but I think it’s because I have a lot crammed in the Elías pouches. The other thing is, sometimes when I bend forward the bags flop forward, BUT, nothing has ever fallen out of the pouches. Ever. That is a huge bonus because stuff would fall out of my occidental rig if I leaned too far forward. Overall five stars. The pictures are from working on my house and helping a buddy on his project.”
  • 4 weeks ago
    “I measured very precisely and followed the directions for fit And I still have to tighten the belt as far as it can possibly go for it to fit. Not so bad when it’s cold out with heavy sweaters on but with just a T-shirt, I hope I don’t lose any weight. I’m 6 ft 185 lbs I definitely like it a lot but the medium should have fit fine. Seems odd. Wish the magnet was stronger. And wish there was just one more pouch on the maestro style for nails so I don’t have to go spend another fortune customizing this. Yes I now realize I should have just gone with the artisan, but I’m still happy”
  • “Purchased the Diamondback Utility Sheath XL to hold a 14”x 1 1/2” all steel chisel. The sheath clips on easily to my Saratoga tool vest. Sheath is very well made and durable. Great job Diamondback!”