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We’ve done the research and found that two people who work in the same trade do not always carry the same tools and seldom do they set up their tool belt in the same way.

We encourage you to choose the Complete System or combination of components that accommodates your specific individual needs and preferences. We’ve designed our Systems with the help of our Team Diamondback pros. These Systems are based on the most popular setups we’ve seen across the trades.

Want some more guidance? Watch this video or check out our social media feeds to see configurations that users have designed for various trades and means of work.

Glad you asked! Check out our system comparison chart and watch this informative video.

Yes! The Diamondback™ System provides more comfort, support, and options for customization than any other product on the market. Create your own setup using any combination of belts, pouches, and other accessories. Check out our system components


Do NOT just use your normal pant size. While wearing summer clothes, measure where you are going to wear your belt on your waist. Then, use the sizing guide to determine your Diamondback belt size.

Waist Belt Size
27″ — 30″ Extra Small (XS)
31″ – 34″ Small (S)
35″ – 38″ Medium (M)
39″ – 42″ Large (L)
43″ – 46″ Extra Large (XL)
47″ – 50″ Double Extra Large (XXL)
51″ – 54″ Triple Extra Large (XXXL)
55″ + Call for custom sizing

The Hammer Holster is not included with any individual pouch, but it can be purchased separately and attached to any pouch. We supply all necessary hardware.

Attaching pouches is pretty darn easy. Watch our Attaching Pouches video.

All pouches come in black and ranger green.  Accessories may only be available in one color.

Southpaw? We got your back too.

All Diamondback pouches are available in right-side and left-side pouch positions. Our Complete Systems are right-handed by default, but you can easily construct a left-handed set by choosing the appropriate individual components.

We do not make custom pouches at Diamondback. All of our products are sold “as designed”. Instead of offering custom pouches we instead provide a wide range of accessories and add-ons making it possible for you to build a tool belt right for you.

Yes.  Diamondback pouches, belts and suspenders are designed to work with other brands.  Our pouches will fit on any belt up to 3″, and other pouches will fit on our belts.  However, there are added benefits of combining Diamondback products.  For instance, the connection between our belts and pouches locks the pouches in place and prevents them from sliding during use.


We back our products with a 5-year guarantee on workmanship.

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee and/or exchange on all products.

Due to extremely high volume of sales, for in-stock items, your order will typically ships within 6-10 business days (weekends do not count as business days).

You will receive an automated order confirmation email upon purchase and a follow-up shipping/tracking email when the order ships.

If an item is out of stock/backorder you can contact us to find out an estimated shipping date.

We ship products worldwide. We have customers in 32 countries around the world…and steadily growing. Just place your order and we’ll get it there.

However, if you live outside of the US and want to avoid paying additional import duties, order through one of our Canadian, UK/European, Nordic, Australian or Korean authorized dealers.

Product Care

Wash your new pouch with soap and cold water and, while still wet, stuff the pockets full of…stuff (beer cans, duct tap rolls, peanut cans, you get it). Let the pouch air dry, un-stuff it, and voila!

Watch the How to Break In Your Pouches video

Yes. Wash pouches in cold water and air dry to keep them looking their best (and help speed the break-in time). Detergent can be used.

Watch the How to Wash Your Diamondback Products video 


We are honored that you want to take time out of your day to promote Diamondback!

The best way to help us is to talk up our products to other people in the trades when you are on your jobsite, in your local hardware store or on social media. We love to see pictures of your Diamondback and you wearing Diamondback on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us in your posts. Feel free to post a video review on YouTube as well.

If you want to do more…purchase a few Diamondback Sticker Paks and Pencils and give them to people you know, or purchase a hat or shirt from here and wear them everywhere you go. Check out our SWAG!

Well, we’re glad you asked…

When you purchase a Diamondback you are investing in your own efficiency, productivity and overall health and wellbeing. We believe the value you get from wearing a Diamondback far exceeds the monetary cost of the product.

With a Diamondback you will work more efficiently and therefore make more money. You will take stress off your back and hips making it possible for you to work more of the hours you want to work without having to take the time off due to job-related health problems.

Diamondback products are constructed with military-grade Nylon for maximum durability and abrasion resistance. Therefore you are paying for the best possible materials.

All Diamondback tool belts, pouches and accessories are made in the United States so labor costs are higher than they would be if we outsourced our production.

Instead of having seasonal sales or giving regular discounts we choose to price our product as low as possible all year ‘round. Other companies inflate the cost of their product so they can do “sales” throughout the year as a means of tricking you to buying their product. When, in fact, the “sale” price is the price the product ought to be all year long.

Diamondback has not raised prices in 3 years even though inflation would dictate that we should. When you buy Diamondback you know that you are paying the correct amount of money for the product you are purchasing.

Yes. Send an email to us that includes a picture/copy of a document or ID that shows proof of your service and we will send you a discount code for 5% off any purchase in our online store. This only applies to sales directly through our website.

Yes. No animals were killed or harmed in the making of our products.

The customizable design means an apprentice could start small and add to the rig as he or she gains experience and skill.

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