Materials and Manufacturing

We are dead set on making the best damn tool gear in the world. That means scouring the globe to find the best possible materials and bringing them home to our partner facilities across the United States for production. Most of our materials are from the USA, but certain components, such as our Cobra Quick Release Buckle, aren’t manufactured in the United States. We source that buckle from Austria just like the US military because there is no stronger or more reliable buckle on the market.

Materials sourcing map

Proudly supporting over 70 jobs across the US

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Colorado

Diamondback Tools Ox Pouch


We build our signature line of belts, pouches and vests from a variety of world-class materials. Our 1000D Nylon incorporates a durable water-resistant coating and weighs 40% less than traditional materials like leather without sacrificing durability. Closed cell foam padding keeps the water and sweat out to prevent odor while the military grade mesh in our vest is the perfect combination of durable, lightweight and breathable. Our belts, vests and pouches are sewn in Wisconsin and North Carolina.

Diamondback Tools Go Panel


Our GoPanel products are fabricated in Colorado from Marine Grade Aluminum Alloy. The Aluminum Alloy is sourced both domestically and internationally to ensure adequate supply chain security. Our patent-pending DiamondGrid technology gives you a fully modular tool panel system for your vehicle, shop or jobsite. The GoPanel system stands up to saltwater, snow or ice without corrosion. The Marine Grade Aluminium is one-third of the weight of steel and offers superior strength and density. The durable powder coat withstands scratches and dents better than the steel alternatives.

Diamondback Tools Baere Tote


Not every tool belongs in your pouches every day, so we offer a full line of bags and totes. Every stitch in these products is sewn in our partner facilities in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arkansas. Our Diamondskin fabric combines domestic and imported materials with American processing (it’s laminated in Massachusetts) to create a proprietary material that gives our products superior abrasion and tear resistance. This unique material is easily cleaned and is impermeable to most liquids and solvents.



Regulations from the Federal Trade Commission prohibit the use of the term "Made in America" unless all or virtually all components of the entire product are of American origin. Between choosing to provide the best possible product to our customers and being able to display the American flag on our product, we choose the former.

As an American manufacturer, our focus is on building the highest quality product while utilizing and supporting American workers. We are extremely proud to be a manufacturer for Diamondback Toolbelts, and proudly cut and stitch different items for them in our manufacturing facility located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Very thankful for Diamondback’s confidence and support to our growing business.

Elite Industries
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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