Modular Components

Whether you are selecting from one of our Complete Systems or building your own tool bet system, maximize your personal workflow with our interchangeable belts, pouches, tool holders, and accessories.

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What set-up will make your day-to-day easier?

Opt for pouches that have enough room to keep your stuff organized without unnecessary bulk. Our customers typically have 2 core pouches on their belt plus tool holders and other accessories.

Popular Pouches

Elias 2 Pouch

4 pockets, 6 slots, 3 loops
The Elias 2.0 improves upon the extremely popular original Elias. We have incorporated feedback from hundreds of users to create an even better version.

Mazo Pouch

The Mazo (spanish for Mallet) is the perfect compact pouch option if you are looking to carry only the essentials.

Ox Pouch

3 pockets, 3 slots, 2 loops
The Ox was masterfully designed for form carpenters and crafts-folk who need to a carry a heavy load.
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Support Bases

What base do you need to support your system?

The Diamondback® Belt

The wider the belt, the greater the support.

  • 2.5″ — Good for tradespeople with lighter loads looking for maximum mobility.
  • 4″ — The most popular belt size. Can be used for larger systems with additional support from suspenders.
  • 6″ — Best for maximum lumbar support and larger systems. Add suspenders for even more support.

Our Bases

Diamondback® Belt

The core of every Diamondback® system, our belt provides more comfort, support and options for customization than any other product on the market.

701 Vest

The lightest, most durable and adaptable construction vest on the market. A single layer of military-grade nylon mesh will stand up to any jobsite while keeping you cool and comfortable.
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Additional Base Support

Hook & Loop Closure Pants Belt

If you have trouble with your toolbelt or pants slipping, we have come up a solution for both.

Basic Suspenders

Our Basic Suspenders are a perfect compliment to our 4″ and 6″ Belts for customers who need a little more support on their rigs.

Deluxe Suspenders – Silver

These Suspenders offer the most comfortable support out there with ample steel hardware and lots of adjustment to balance your load over your hips, waist and shoulders.
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Accessories & Tool Holders

Create your perfect match

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate pouches and support base, customize your system with our wide selection of holsters, pockets, and other accessories designed for today’s tools.

Popular Accessories


An extremely compact pouch, the Bossman is reinforced with abrasion and slash resistant SuperFabric so even the sharpest of tools won’t penetrate.

Gun Loop

Designed with today’s pneumatic guns and cordless drills in mind, the Gun Loop includes two locations for attaching cordless tools.

DB Sax2

DB Sax 2 has a round bottom so the pouch can stand up on it’s own. Perfect for bolts, electrical outlets or plumbing connections.
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