An important message from the new management team – Read Message

1. Where do you ship?

We ship products where you need them. We have customers in the US, Canada, the British Isles and Australia among other places. Just place your order and we’ll get it there.

2. Can I get handles?

Sorry, but not in the first round of new models. However, we do believe the handles to be of great value and plan to add them to certain models as soon as reasonably possible.

3. Can I get a left-handed set?

We have left handed hammer holsters in most colors and can attach them to any left-side pouch.  We also have dedicated South Paw Raptors in stock in Black.

4. Can I get larger pouches

We have XL pouches available for the Denali rig.


5.  Can I get a witness?

Hell yeah. Here’s the Grand Funk that your heart desires. Some Kind of Wonderful