1. Do you have a guarantee?

Diamondback has a guarantee of 10 years on workmanship.  We also guarantee that all of our materials will be free of defects.  Improper use of your equipment such as hanging tools from the suspender loops will VOID THE WARRANTY.

2. Do you have a return policy?

We offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee and/or exchange on all products. Head this way for more.

3.  How long does it take to get my bags?

We stock pretty much all pouch options in black and ranger green.  We stock few models of red and blue.  Black belts size S-XL are in stock.  Custom colored (non-black) belts are made to order and take up to 4 weeks.  You will receive an Estimated Delivery Time on any items not in stock.  If there is no “Estimated Delivery Time”, the order should ship within 2 business days.

4. Why do you need to know my size?

We are the only tool belt manufacturer that lets you truly customize your rig, in terms of pouch options, layout, colors and even more importantly, sizing. Since comfort should be the top priority from day one, it’s critical that you start with a belt that actually fits. We recommend you measure yourself around the waist with a tape while wearing summer clothes with consideration to where your belt will ride most comfortably. Once you have measured, use the table to determine your size.

5. What are the belt sizes?

We make XS – XXL. See our sizing chart for exact measurements.

6. Which bags come with the hammer holster?

We can attach the hammer holster to all our existing pouches apart from the Lucky and the Rookie. Just put the bag in your cart, and you will get a pop-up to choose your holster options.

7. Can I get a left-handed set?

Yes.  Our pouches can be configured for the left of right side of the body.  We stock most models in both configurations in black and green.  Red and blue options are limited.

8. How much larger are the XL pouches than the standard size?

XL pouches are 1-inch wider than Standard pouches. It’s all a matter of taste. Some professionals want more space regardless of their height, while others desire a less obtrusive overall fit. The choice is yours.

9. How do I attach my pouches?

Attaching pouches is easy. Check out this video to see how to get it on.

10. Tell me about my color options at Diamondback?

Belts and pouches come in red, blue, black, and ranger green. Red and blue options are limited.

11.  Which rigs are better suited for Framing Carpenters?

Most Framing Carpenters prefer the Denali because of the versatility it offers them. The pouches that come with this belt The Elias Pouch and The Wrangell Pouch are well-designed and comprehensive to hold anything you will need on the job.

12. Which rigs are suited for General Carpentry applications?

General Carpenter pros prefer the Raptor and the Crevasse.

The Raptor will meet the needs of most any professional, and it is excellent for all jobs. From working concrete to finish work or somewhere in between, the Raptor’s simple but tough design will exceed your expectations. This set includes The Eagle Pouch and The Talon Pouch.

The Crevasse provides a custom, deluxe utility set offering the most room & material for the buck. The Crevasse offers enough pouches & versatility to please most any professional, in any setting. This set includes two Wrangell Pouches.

13. Which rigs are better suited for Trim applications?

Both the Arctic Fox and the Lynx are made for trim carpenters.

The Lynx features an ergonomic design that allows the trim carpenter to stay neat and organized, holding various tools and fasteners without a lot of bulk, but with lots of hand tool storage. This set includes two Stealth Pouches.

The Arctic Fox offers additional capacity and features beyond the Lynx. Two closure pockets provide more space for things you can’t afford to drop. Our custom designed drill index on the dominant pouch side offers easy access and convenient storage for drill and driver bits. This trim set includes The Elias Pouch and The Hideaway Pouch.

14. Which rigs are better suited for Electricians?

The Borealis rig allows electricians plenty of options without the constant headache of running to the tool box. Complete with our lock-down Drill Holster, this set will help you keep the lights on. This set includes The Aurora Pouch and The Wrangell Pouch.

15. Which rig is better for Remodelers?

The Grizzly is a take-everything-with-you remodelers set-up. This set includes The Stealth Pouch and The Wrangell Pouch for plenty of space for organization, accented with our tail pouch making job site efficiency a no-brainer. Our unique hammer-sleeve and flat bar holder completes this rugged package.

16. Where do you ship?

We ship products to any location. We have customers in the US, Canada, the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand and Japan among other places. Just place your order and we’ll get it there. Better yet, find a local dealer!

17. How many steps go into building my own perfect tool belt rig?

Step OneSelect a belt – To ensure proper fit, measure yourself around with a tape wearing summer clothes. Measure where you are going to wear your belt.  Do NOT just provide your pant size. Once you have measured, use the table to determine your size.

Step TwoSelect the right pouches – Order the smallest and lightest bags that have enough room. Count your tools and fasteners, and then browse our selections to pick pouches with enough compartments for you. Remember, all pouches and accessories are interchangeable, so you can multi-task.

Step Three – Choose your colors – All of our products come in either black, and ranger green with some options available in Red and Blue.

Step Four – Select any Hammer or Flat Bar Holsters that you want to include. Then you’re done!

18.  Can I get a witness?

Hell yeah. Here’s the Grand Funk that your heart desires. Some Kind of Wonderful.

19.  Can I get a hell yeah?

See above.