Diamondback Belt Bases

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  • 2.5″ FlexForm Belt

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  • The Cavetto – Contoured Belt

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  • Cobra Frame Pants Belt

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  • Diamondback® Belt

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  • Hook & Loop Closure Pants Belt

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Diamondback does things a little differently than most other tool belts you’ve come across.

The first thing that’s different is how we wear our tool belts. The Diamondback philosophy is to wear your tool belt up high, around your belly button, not your hips. Wearing your tool belt high takes the pressure off your hips and centers it on your torso.

We also believe that no single tool belt fits every body type on all jobs. That’s why we designed 3 different belt bases you can choose from:

      • The 2.5” Flex Form Belt
      • The Contoured Cavetto Belt
      • The Diamondback Classic (4” & 6” options)

As you look through the different padded belt bases, think about your body type and how much back support you need.

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