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  • Basic Suspenders

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  • Deluxe Suspenders – Silver

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  • Suspender Retro-Fit

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Diamondback offers you 3 different options for tool belt suspenders:

  1.  The first is our retro-fit suspenders. These are good for any Diamondback Tool Belt Made before 2017.  They also happen to fit most non-Diamondback tool belts in general.
  2. Our Diamondback Basic Suspenders fit all modern Diamondback tool belts. They have less padding than our Deluxe Suspender. Get these if you have a light load and just a little extra support on the shoulders.
  3. Lastly are our Deluxe Suspenders. The Deluxe fits any modern Diamondback tool belt. These offer maximum adjustability, support and comfort.
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