DB Pica Collab Quiver & Blade


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Your carpenter pencil is never there when you need it. You left it on another table, it dropped out of your pocket or the lead broke at the worst time. The DB x Pica Collab Quiver & Blade solves those problems. Secure the Quiver & Blade to your pants, tool belt, pouches, suspenders or vest and have a place for your carpenter pencil all day. Like the name suggests, the Quiver & Blade comes with a sharpening tool at one end so you can easily sharpen your carpenter pencil without digging around for your utility knife.

-Clips onto belt, vest, pouches, or pants.

-Sharpens your pencil.

-Gives extra grip on pencil when in use.

Product Specifications

Length: 4
Width: 2
Height: 1
Weight: 0.25

DB Pica Collab Quiver & Blade FAQ

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