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Ultimate Framer’s Outfit

Configuration: Elias (Right), Wrangell (Left), Hammer Holster, Flatbar Holster, 6” Diamondback™ Belt

8 pockets, 16 slots, 6 loops

The Denali is our most popular tool belt system. Designed for framers but versatile enough for other jobs, this rig comes with the right balance of tool and fastener storage for even the most complex and demanding work. A Wrangell pouch for your non-dominant side and an Elias for your dominant side is a win-win. Pairing that with a 6” Belt gives you the ability to carry a maximum load with no stress and discomfort on your back and hips. The Denali comes standard with our signature Hammer Holster on your dominant side and Flat Bar Holster on your non-dominant side. Need more room? Our Denali XL increases the pouch sizes and carrying capacity.

  • Hammer and Flat Bar holsters come standard
  • Drill bit index in the Elias pouch
  • Protected outer pocket
  • Speed square divider in Wrangell pouch