The Dos Clavos 701 Vest System




Configuration: Clavo (Right), Clavo (Left), 701 Vest, Hammer Holster, Flat Bar Holster, Gun Loop, Universal Magnet Clip, 712 Accessory Pocket, Easy-Release Small Tape Holster

Great For: Trim and Finish Carpenters

4 pockets, 6 slots

The Dos Clavos Vest is Diamondback’s most comfortable vest system for Fine Carpentry. It’s made for Trim and Finish Carpenters who want to spread the weight of small loads over their whole torso, not just their waist.

The Dos Clavos is designed to hold a lot of tools. There are enough slots for organization while still retaining bigger pockets to throw your tools into. However, the Dos Clavos is made from a non-dominant Clavo pouch. That means the padded divider in the Clavo is perfect for a strip of finish nails. Alternatively, carry your finish fasteners on your belly or chest with the Universal Magnet Clip or 712 Pocket. Or just use the magnet at the top of your Clavo pouches. You can store a strip of finish fasteners anywhere on your body, where ever you need them.

Like all our Systems, the Dos Clavos is completely modular. Add an EDC pouch or 722 pouch for extra capacity. Attach a Utility Sheath to secure those sharp chisels on your chest.

If you want an ergonomic lightweight vest system that is kind to your body, we’re confident the Dos Clavos will nail it for you.


Lightweight breathable vest mesh
10 Adjustment Points for the Perfect Finish
Shock Absorbing Back
Storage Loop
Fall Protection Harness Compatible
5 Rare Earth Magnets on Clavo pouches, 712 Accessory Pocket & Universal Magnet Clip
Optional Lumbar/Shoulder Pads for Added Support

Product Specifications

The M/L Vest fits waist/torso/chest size 32-44
XL fits waist/torso/chest size 42-52

Product Videos

The Dos Clavos 701 Vest System FAQ

I want to add or subtract a pouch, holster, or accessory to the Dos Clavos vest. Can I do that?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone working any trade to build out a tool vest system unique to their personal work style. Pick out your own vest, pouches, holsters, and accessories separately.

See our video on how to build your own tool vest system.

If you have any questions about building your own tool belt, feel free to send us an email at, give us a call, or use the form below.

Is there any discount for buying a pre-made tool vest system vs. buying the individual components?


It's the same cost to build your own system as it is to buy a pre-made system.

Email Us Your Question:

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