Tube+Can Rack

$115.00 USD

In stock

Our Tube+Can Rack carries your glue, caulk, spray paint, or anything in a cylindrical container.

It’s 13” x 6.125” x 5” in size occupies 8 slots on our Go Panels. The shelf can be used with medium and large-sized Go Panels.

If you want a better way to organize your cans and tubes, grab a Tube+Can Rack for your Go Panel.

    The Tube+Can Rack holds up to 7 tubes or cans. Each slot has an open holed bottom allowing you to place protruding shapes like glue upright or upside down.

    Like all our Go Panel attachments, the Tube+Can Rack is made of marine-grade aluminum and stands up to corrosion caused by saltwater, snow, and ice.

    The Tube+Can Rack comes with stainless steel nuts & bolts, and nylon washers that minimize vibration when installed on the Go Panel.

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