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Diamondback Mounting Spacers are the secret sauce that allows our Go Panels to be fully modular for our clip-on products and attach to a wall of any shape (flat walls in your shop or curved walls in your van). These are sold as sets. Each set comes with 2 Mounting Spacers.


Our Mounting Spacers are designed for standard stud distance, making installation quick and painless. They also provide enough hand-space behind the Go Panel that you can unhook your clip-on products with ease.

Like all our Go Panel attachments, the Mounting Spacers are made of marine-grade aluminum and stand-ups to corrosion caused by saltwater, snow, and ice.

The Mounting Spacers come with stainless steel nuts & bolts, and nylon washers that minimize vibration when installed on your walls.


Our Go Panel Mounting Brackets measure: 1”x5”x3.5”

Goes With

The Mounting Spacers work exclusively with our Go Panels.


If you want to get the most out of the Go Panel, Diamondback Mounting Brackets are a must.

Product Specifications

Length: 4
Depth: 2
Height: 1
Weight: 0.25

Mounting Spacers FAQ

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