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Configuration: Eagle (L), 405 Lo-Rider, DB Sax, Drill Bit Case, 4″ Diamondback™ Belt

5 pockets, 3 slots, 4 loops

It’s finally here: a toolbelt system dedicated to the Master Install Carpenter! We designed this system with input from top installers to meet the unique needs of your specific craft. A 405 Lo-Rider Hammer Loop attach firmly to your dominant side and provide the perfect accommodation for your trusted hammer or nail gun. For your non-dominant side we chose the versatile Eagle Pouch. The Eagle Pouch can easily handle all your auxiliary tools, speed square and tape measure. Plus, it has room enough to conveniently store our compact Drill Bit Case. All this is secured on a light-weight, comfortable 4″ Diamondback™ Belt. The DB Sax is perfect for holding shims or other loose accessories.

  • Drill Bit Case
  • Speed Square slot
  • Middle pocket divider
  • Outer pocket divider
  • Hammer Holster or Flat Bar holster can be attached