Maestro System




Configuration: Mazo (Right), Clavo (Left), Hammer Holster, 4″ Diamondback® Belt

3 Pockets, 8 Tool Slots

The Maestro is our most compact system. It is perfectly suited for any job that requires fewer or smaller tools and fasteners, as well as maximum mobility. Some call it a small tool belt, others – a lightweight tool belt. Whatever you call it, the Maestro is extremely versatile and makes an excellent base for additional components like the Utility Sheath, 722 Slingshot and DB Sax.

– Padded Divider for Finish Nails or Mini Square
– Diamondback® Accessory Attachment Points
– 4-slot Drill Bit/ Nail Set Index
– Integrated Universal Magnet
Flat Bar Holster can be attached


Tool Belt Sizing

Weight: 2 lbs 10oz

  • 3 Pockets, 8 Tool Slots

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Left-Handed Systems

If you’re left handed, please select the following individual items and put them in your cart:

  1. Mazo Pouch (Left)
  2. Clavo Pouch (Right)
  3. Hammer Holster (Left)
  4. 4” Diamondback® Belt