Mega Spine

$45.00 USD

In stock

Great For: Carpenters, Drywallers

The Diamondback Mega Spine is the most flexible way to add storage capacity to your garage, shop, van, or trailer. Our Spines evolved as a skinny alternative to our patented GoPanel. They can be mounted to any flat surface. Once mounted on a wall, slip on the attachments you need.

Our Spines hold any Diamondback product with a steel clip. Add your own mixture DB Saxes, Go Sleeves, or clip-on Accessories to build out your hanging storage system. It also holds a full size speed square and any of your hand tools that have clips.

The Mega Spine comes in at almost 3 feet length and weighs ¾ of pound. It’s made from anti-corrosive, aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in a matte satin finish.

If you’ve got a lot of wall-space to take advantage of, the Mega Spine is the perfect hanging storage upgrade for your work area.

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