The Mini-4

Spine System

$129.50 USD

In stock

Configuration: MiniSpine, Green DB Sax, Yellow DB Sax, Red DB Sax, Blue DB Sax2

Great For: Carpenters, Commercial Electricians, Drywallers

The Diamondback Mini-4 System is one of the most flexible ways to add organization and storage capacity to your packout, cart, workstation, or bench. Mini Spines can be mounted to any vertical flat surface. Once mounted, clip-on your DB Saxes to design your own color-coded organization system.

Mini-4 for Packouts, Molded Boxes, Mobile Carts

If you have tools or materials that you need frequently, it’s time consuming to dig through the different sections of your Packout, box, or cart.

The Spine alleviates that hassle by providing an easy-access modular storage system. You can also take advantage of the different colors of the DB Saxes to organize and sort your tools and fasteners.

Mini-4 for Workstations, Workbenches, & Table Top Saws

Whenever you’re working on a flat surface you’re in a constant battle with other stuff on your tabletop. Glue, pens, fasteners, whatever. Not only is it frustrating trying to find space to work in a crowded area, it’s also dangerous when those round rolley items fall on the floor setting you up for slips and trips.

The Mini-4 solves all that by giving you a clean workspace where your materials are secured and organized with a color-coded DB Sax system.

If you want more organized storage space around your work area and you have limited room to play with, the Mini-4 is what you need.

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