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Talon Pouch (Right), Eagle Pouch (Left), 4″ Diamondback® Belt

Find belt size measurements in the “Tool Belt Sizing” section below.



Configuration: Talon (Right), Eagle (Left), 4″ Diamondback® Belt

6 pockets, 9 slots, 3 loops

The Raptor is a compact, lightweight System built around the needs of the general carpenter or remodeler. There is ample capacity for your Everyday Carry along with any specialized tools or fasteners on a given day. Carry what you need, and leave the rest in the van for tomorrow. A sleek 4″ Diamondback® Belt holds everything in place. The Raptor is one of our most popular combos due to the low profile and versatility of the system.


Tool Belt Sizing

Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz

  • Small (S) 31-34 inch
  • Medium (M) 35-38 inch
  • Large (L) 39-42 inch
  • Extra Large (XL) 43-46 inch
  • 6 pockets, 9 slots, 3 loops


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Raptor FAQ

Why is the Raptor so expensive?

It’s no secret that Diamondback is more expensive than big box store brands. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Diamondback products are built in the USA. So labor costs are more expensive than a mass produced tool belt manufactured in a sweatshop. We believe in paying an honest wage for quality work.

  • We don’t use cheap materials! From Military grade 1000D Nylon, to antimicrobial, flame resistant, puncture resistant, quick drying, patented SuperFabric, to Cobra Quick Release buckles used by astronauts, we only use the best quality materials.

  • Time and research. Before you ever see a belt, pouch, or bag on our website, know that it has been tested by real people on the job site. We take their feedback, make changes and improvements so you can have a setup that just works. This process can take months or years.

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Left-Handed Systems

If you’re left handed, please select the following individual items and put them in your cart:

  1. Talon Pouch (Left)
  2. Eagle Pouch (Right)
  3. 4” Diamondback® Belt

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