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Mule Pouch (Right), Ox Pouch (Left), Hammer Holster, 6″ Diamondback® Belt

Find belt size measurements in the “Tool Belt Sizing” section below.



Configuration: Mule (Right), Ox (Left), Hammer Holster, 6″ Diamondback® Belt

Great For: Industrial Carpenters, Roofers, Form Carpenters, Framers

8 pockets, 13 slots, 4 loops

The king of all toolbelts, the GRRande is our extra large tool belt system. We developed this new system with Team Diamondback’s™ Kyle Stumpenhorst (aka RRBuildings on YouTube and Instagram). Kyle is a master builder of agricultural buildings and always has a need for over-sized fasteners. The new cottonmouth design allows for easy access to the largest fasteners even when wearing gloves.


  • 8 Pockets
  • 13 Tool Slots
  • 3 Tool Loops
  • Easy-Release Tape Pocket
  • Speed Square Slot


Tool Belt Sizing

  • Small (S) 31-34 inch
  • Medium (M) 35-38 inch
  • Large (L) 39-42 inch
  • Extra Large (XL) 43-46 inch
  • 8 pockets, 13 slots, 4 loops


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Product Specifications

  • Small - 3 lbs 12 oz
  • Medium - 3 lbs 14 oz
  • Large - 3 lbs 15 oz
  • XL - 4 lbs


Why is the GRRande so expensive?

It’s no secret that Diamondback is more expensive than big box store brands. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Diamondback products are built in the USA. So labor costs are more expensive than a mass produced tool belt manufactured in a sweatshop. We believe in paying an honest wage for quality work.
  • We don’t use cheap materials! From Military grade 1000D Nylon, to antimicrobial, flame resistant, quick drying, patented SuperFabric, to Cobra Quick Release buckles used by astronauts, we only use the best quality materials.
  • Time and research. Before you ever see a belt, pouch, or bag on our website, know that it has been tested by real people on the job site. We take their feedback, make changes and improvements so you can have a setup that just works. This process can take months or years.

Is the GRRande as strong as a leather tool belt?


All Diamondback products are made with 1000 Denier(a measure of thickness) Nylon. 1000D Nylon has an abrasion resistance(the ability to resist wear) and tear strength greater than leather. See this chart :

[Materials] [Pounds of force until it tears] [Abrasion cycles on pavement until fabric fails]
Jeans 4.5 lbs 50 cycles
Leather 80-110 lbs 1200-1700 cycles
1000D Nylon 110 lbs 1780 cycles
*source High Performance Textiles and Their Applications

1000D nylon is so strong that it:
  • Was used in tires in World War II
  • Replaced leather in light combat boots for the US Army in the 1990s
  • Is used in high performance mountain climbing gear

Can I order an Extra Small or XXXL?


Just order your own belt, pouches, and holsters separately. And assemble them once your order is delivered.

I want to add or subtract a pouch, holster, or accessory to the GRRande. Can I do that?

Absolutely! We encourage everyone working any trade to build out a tool belt system unique to their personal work style. Pick out your own belt, pouches, holsters, and accessories separately. Assemble them once your order is delivered. If you have any questions about building your own tool belt, feel free to send us an email at support@toolbelts.com, give us a call, or use the form below.

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Left-Handed Systems

If you’re left handed, please select the following individual items and put them in your cart:

  1. Mule Pouch (Left)
  2. Ox Pouch (Right)
  3. Hammer Holster (Left)
  4. 6” Diamondback® Belt

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