Ox Pouch


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2 pockets, 3 slots, 2 loops

The Ox non-dominant side pouch is the fraternal twin of the Mule and the other half of our GRRande System.

The Ox provides ample room for carrying large fasteners. The integrated Easy-Release Tape Holster makes carrying and using a tape measure a breeze.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Speed Square, Bulk Fasteners, Large Tape, Punches, Markers/Pencils

Great For: Framers, Form Carpenters, Commercial Electricians


  • Easy-release tape pouch
  • Speed Square slot
  • Hammer Loop
  • Flat Bar holster can be attached



Product Specifications

Length: 4
Width: 2
Height: 1
Weight: 0.25

Ox Pouch FAQ

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