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The Spark


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Niko pouch on the dominant side, an Eagle pouch on the non-dominant side, and a padded Hammer Holster.



Configuration: Niko (Right), Eagle (Left), Hammer Holster, 4″ Diamondback® Belt

Great For: Electricians

6 pockets, 19 slots, 4 loops

For years we’ve been asked about an Electrician tool belt system that you could grab and go. But we didn’t want to design a rig for Sparkies until we thought we could get it just right. We now feel like we’ve finally gotten there. Introducing The Spark. The Spark  comes from months of intensive research from our customers. The Niko has a 4 slot bit index, a driver clip webbing strip, electrical tape strap, and is flatbar/hammer holster compatible. The Eagle Pouch on the non-dominant side has the storage capacity and organization for auxiliary tools, fasteners and ties.


  • 4 slot bit index
  • driver clip webbing strip
  • electrical tape strap
  • flatbar compatible. 


Tool Belt Sizing

  • Small (S) 31-34 inch
  • Medium (M) 35-38 inch
  • Large (L) 39-42 inch
  • Extra Large (XL) 43-46 inch


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Product Specifications

  • Small - 3 lbs 12oz
  • Medium - 3 lbs 14oz
  • Large - 4 lbs
  • XL - 4 lbs 1 oz

The Spark FAQ

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Left-Handed Systems

If you’re left handed, please select the following individual items and put them in your cart:

  1. Niko (Left)
  2. Eagle (Right)
  3. Hammer Holster (Left)
  4. 4″ Diamondback® Belt

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