What do the pros have to say about Diamondback? Scroll down for a few video and written reviews of our products.

“The 6” belt pad is extremely comfortable and offers a good amount of support. The Deluxe suspenders are quite nice and a new part of the Diamondback tool belt system. They have padded shoulder straps and are extremely easy to adjust.

My overall outlook on the Diamondback Tool Belt Denali setup is definitely a positive one. It is a very well made, comfortable. It truly is an impressive and well thought out setup, and I definitely recommend them.”

“If you have been searching for a comfortable tool belt that features plenty of storage and long lasting durability then stop here and go get yourself a Diamondback Toolbelt.  I honestly could not find any downfall to the Diamondback Denali Toolbelt Set.  My only word of advice for a future purchaser is if you carry quite a few tools during your work day, invest in the suspenders to go with them.  The design of the belt matched with a set of suspenders will by far make the Denali Set the most comfortable tool belt you have owned.”

“The Diamondback Toolbelts Denali and Deluxe Suspenders Rig is for tradesmen who need a lot of tools close at hand and don’t mind carrying a little extra weight if it means they can be organized and efficient on the job. Trim carpenters, framers, and roofers come to mind, but that’s certainly not an exhaustive list. The modular nature allows you to tailor it to specific trades. It might not be for a beginner or apprentice but then again, the customizable design means an apprentice could start small and add to the rig as he or she gains experience and skill. DiamondBack even has a pouch for delicate things like your phone and glasses.”

“Bottom Line. As I stated in my previous review, “I frame five days per week and would rather buy a top-quality tool belt and keep it ‘forever.’” So I have no problem spending a decent amount of money on a belt like this because it is going to hold up. That said, I would minimize the add-on accessories and stick with only what you need. The hammer holster seems to me like a “must-have” option because it keeps the hammer from banging against my leg, knee, or backside like other locations do on bags I’ve worn.”