Here’s the deal: 

From July 1st – August 31st, order $400+ in Diamondback complete rigs, pouches, belts, accessories or what have you to get hooked up with a stack of the awesomeness from our best #IGMeetUp sponsors!

  • Camo Gear Bag (retro!) – $21 value
  • Bessey 8” KlickKlamp – $20 value
  • Olfa Cutter – $12 value
  • Titebond III Wood Glue – $8 value

Count it up and that’s more than $60 in goodness.

The Very Simple Rules

  • Direct – Order $400 or more in DB gear, whether a complete rig, accessories or branded gear. Tax and shipping do not count towards total.
  • Bought from a dealer? Same as above. Send an email to with your name, shipping details and a snapshot of your receipt or proof of purchase. We’ll ship you the goods.
  • Purchases before July 1 or after August 31 are not eligible.
  • Promo is good for exactly as long as supplies last. If we run out of an item, it will not be replaced.
  • Offer good for the lower 48 US States only.