…worth the cost and wait!

Got my set today, they are worth the cost and wait! I’m a left handed framer and I’ve been looking for bags like for 25 years. The Denali set is the best bags I have ever worn! Amazing. Thank you. Read More

…number one hands down

I have been a carpenter for over 30 years and you tool belts are number one hands down. I tried the rest yours are the best. I purchased my first belt back in 95 and it is just starting to look worn. I am ready to purchase another set. I am so glad that I… Read More

Well worth the wait…

Wholly s**t! ! I finally got these bad ass bags. Well worth the wait It’s Sunday and I wanna go to work. Thanx sooo much for these! Read More

…strong and well made…

Hello, Tony Goddard here. I just want to say how strong and well made your bags are. There is nothing that even comes close to this in Australia. Read More

These tool bags are a great investment!

I have had my Diamond Back bags for close to thirteen years. Before I bought these I purchased new bags once a year. They didn’t fit near as comfortable or work as well as the Diamond Back set. These tool bags are a great investment! I recommend them to any tradesman who wants a tool… Read More

Great product!

I purchased your pouches and belt back in the early 90’s but I thought you were located in California. By the way, I am still wearing them today, everyday, all day. Great product! Read More


My first Diamond Back has seen its better days but is still hanging in there after twelve years! Needless to say I LOVE MY BELT! Read More

…the most superior and genius of design

Diamond Back Belts and pouches are as tough as Diamond Plating, probably tougher. I have had The Denali for over 5 years now and has yet to show signs of weakness. I love it! Your quality of product is by far the most superior and genius of design. I have shared your Name with all… Read More

durability, strength and ergonomics

I’m a Union Carpenter and have been a wood framer for 90% of my career, Mid western and Chicago residential and commercial wood framer. I have owned a set of DB bags for more than 10 years and I will attest to their durability, strength and ergonomics. Your bags are unique and there will never… Read More

…all day without any aches or pains…

I have been using your belts for 10+ years now and love them. I am on my second set and will soon be ordering a third. My second set is in great shape still, I just want a set to keep in my work shop and one for my business. Tired of switching back and… Read More