…worth the cost and wait!

Got my set today, they are worth the cost and wait! I’m a left handed framer and I’ve been looking for bags like for 25 years. The Denali set is the best bags I have ever worn! Amazing. Thank you. Read More

…number one hands down

I have been a carpenter for over 30 years and you tool belts are number one hands down. I tried the rest yours are the best. I purchased my first belt back in 95 and it is just starting to look worn. I am ready to purchase another set. I am so glad that I… Read More

Well worth the wait…

Wholly s**t! ! I finally got these bad ass bags. Well worth the wait It’s Sunday and I wanna go to work. Thanx sooo much for these! Read More

…strong and well made…

Hello, Tony Goddard here. I just want to say how strong and well made your bags are. There is nothing that even comes close to this in Australia. Read More

These tool bags are a great investment!

I have had my Diamond Back bags for close to thirteen years. Before I bought these I purchased new bags once a year. They didn’t fit near as comfortable or work as well as the Diamond Back set. These tool bags are a great investment! I recommend them to any tradesman who wants a tool… Read More

Great product!

I purchased your pouches and belt back in the early 90’s but I thought you were located in California. By the way, I am still wearing them today, everyday, all day. Great product! Read More


My first Diamond Back has seen its better days but is still hanging in there after twelve years! Needless to say I LOVE MY BELT! Read More

…the most superior and genius of design

Diamond Back Belts and pouches are as tough as Diamond Plating, probably tougher. I have had The Denali for over 5 years now and has yet to show signs of weakness. I love it! Your quality of product is by far the most superior and genius of design. I have shared your Name with all… Read More

durability, strength and ergonomics

I’m a Union Carpenter and have been a wood framer for 90% of my career, Mid western and Chicago residential and commercial wood framer. I have owned a set of DB bags for more than 10 years and I will attest to their durability, strength and ergonomics. Your bags are unique and there will never… Read More

…all day without any aches or pains…

I have been using your belts for 10+ years now and love them. I am on my second set and will soon be ordering a third. My second set is in great shape still, I just want a set to keep in my work shop and one for my business. Tired of switching back and… Read More

The quality and workmanship is second to none

WOW, I have used my tool belt for several weeks now and it is the best tool that I have ever bought. It is very comfortable and able to hold all the things that I need and then some. The quality and workmanship is second to none. All I can say is thank you, and… Read More

Your bags are going to outlast me

Just thought I would drop you a line. My guess is that about ten years ago I bought two nail bag sets from you . Your bags are going to outlast me. Thanks for a good product! Read More

…still going strong after 15 years…

Just to let you know that your tool pouches and belt are still going strong after at least 15 years of hard use. (I move a little slower…but ) have recommended this product to everyone who asks. Read More

I’ll never go back, I’m hooked

Amazing is one way to put it. First day wearing new bags and no hip raz at all. It didn’t even feel like I had them on. I got the raptor rig and it’s more than functional for a framer, light weight and slim line. I’ll never go back, I’m hooked. Thanks guys. Read More

Thank you for taking the torch

I thank you for taking the torch and continuing the line. I have had my bags since 2000 from Jim, I cannot recommend any other bag in the industry. Please continue your path regardless of the current economic situation. Sincerely. Read More

best I have ever owned

9 years old and still awesome. After 24 years and many pouches these are far the best I have ever owned. Stay in business because I am and may need a replacement someday. Thanks again for an outstanding product. Read More

They are still holding up great

I have had a set of Diamond Back bags for 14 years now. They are still holding up great. I would like to purchase a new set, but why bother. The set I have are still holding up great, other than some very minor wear. I’m glad I found you guys on the web, just… Read More

Nothing out there compares

I purchased a set of your bags after working on a job with another carpenter. When I first saw them I knew I wanted them! Nothing out there compares to these bags. After only having these bags for a couple weeks, someone forgot to close the tailgate on my truck! While pulling out onto a… Read More

best set of tool bags ever

I have been wearing a set of Diamond Back bags since around yr. 2000, best set of tool bags ever. The only thing I need to replace is the secondary belt. Highly recommend them to anyone in the construction trade. I’m a finish carpenter. The set I have is perfect for all my hand tools…. Read More

…still in good shape

Purchased a set from Jim 10 years ago and getting ready to purchase a set from you guys. Don’t really need a new set, these bags and belt are still in good shape, just want something a little bigger. Read More

The quality is unbeatable

I bought my bags from Jim 15 years ago and they held up to the incredible beating I have given them. Any weather, any situation they have been comfortable and more functional than anything else on the market. The quality is unbeatable. They finally need replacing, so another set will be ordered very soon. When… Read More

…such a fine product

I bought your bags back in 2003 and was truly impressed with the ergonomics and toughness of the product. It is 2010 and the tool pouches and belt is taking a beating with the HVAC jobs that I am taking. I was pretty nervous when I heard the news that DBusa discontinued manufacturing their products…. Read More

better than leather

I BOUGHT a set of bags 10 yrs or so ago and they’re still running strong, all terrains and temps and I bought a set from you guys maybe 4yrs ago, they still are like new. They’re better than leather and in every way worth their weight. I would also like to thank you for… Read More

…recommend this tool belt to anyone

Brought my 1st set in 1992, now 17yrs later purchasing my journeyman son his first set for Christmas. Excellent product-would recommend this tool belt to anyone seriously who wants the best the first time! Read More

worth every penny

I’m a framer and have had my set for 5 years and I put a hurt on most things but these bags you can hardly tell. They are worth every penny. Thanks for making a great product. Read More

quality at a bargain

Bought my bag over ten years ago. My brother bought one at the same time. We watched all the guys that work with up order up to 4 new bags for themselves over the same period: quality at a bargain. Read More

awesome American made product

I purchased a custom setup from you about a year ago and it is AWESOME!! I would like to order a custom pouch for when I run interior trim…something like the tail pouch but with a few other features. Is this possible? Thank you for an awesome American made product. Read More

…supports my back wonderfully

I’ve had my big red rig now for a long time, I think I bought it from Jim. I have worn it it in dirt, snow, rain, heat, dragged it across roofs, you name it and it’s still in great shape. The thing that most impressed me when I bought it was why Jim built… Read More

…belt system I can count on

After 8 years of weather, demo jobs, roof wear, sweat, heat, cold, and abuse, I am replacing my old Diamond Back belt system with a new one, not because I have to, but because I just want a new one. This is the best belt system I have ever used. I am passing my old… Read More

Quality is still there, and even better!

After 8 years of serious abuse, my old Diamond Back belt finally retired. Received my new Diamond belt a few weeks ago and I must say the quality is still there, and even better! On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 20! Thanks so much and keep up the good work. Read More

Keep up the good work

I have a pair of your bags that are 10 years old … I love them. I have put a link on my Facebook page to help get the word out on the bags. Keep up the good work. Read More

…fine craftsmanship and knowledge

The only mistake I made in purchasing this product is how long I waited to finally purchase it. The price may make you think twice but believe me this is the best belt I have owned ever hands down!!! I wasn’t disappointed and you won’t either. Thanks again for the fine craftsmanship and the knowledge… Read More

proud to wear

I have owned your bags for 8 years and they are by far the most comfortable and versatile bags I have ever owned. I cant wait to buy my next set but the set I have will not wear out. Keep up the great work and I am proud to wear such a great product… Read More

…light and comfortable…

I love the new belt (crevasse). It’s light and comfortable, especially now that I don’t have to wear a normal belt to hold up my pants. They have so much space that was well thought out. Definitely the last company that I will ever buy from. The service was great and I love the hoodie… Read More

I’m happy to go back to work!

I received yesterday the tool belt…….perfect! For the first time of the last decade, I’m happy to go back to work! Thanks a lot I will speak about your products in France but for the moment the economical situation in the building industry is very bad, most of the builders are unemployed (if we’re not,… Read More

…discomfort until I found your belt

Ordered one of your belts last year and loved it. It was the only belt that didn’t bother my back. I broke my l1 vertebrae in 2 spots 3 years ago and had discomfort until I found your belt. Now I want the whole shebang! Thanks again and you definitely get great referrals for a… Read More

…best belts by far, hands down

I have to say that you guys make the best belts by far, hands down. Jim always stated that these were the lightest belts, but I disagree. There’s so many pockets/slots and room, that I carry more tools now, than with my old belt. It’s handy cause I have all this storage and room, for… Read More

sing their praise

As a renovator, I got the Grizzly bags two years ago because of the amount of tools I like to carry with me. Every day I sing their praise to all the others on site that have no clue what they are missing. The best piece of gear I’ve every purchased. Thank you Lori and… Read More

…just wait ’til you try them

I just received my new tool bags yesterday, thanks Andus and Lori… I’m speechless on how sweet these bags are. If you think they look good in a picture just wait til you try them on. I loaded my tools and nails in the new belt (I purchased the Crevasse)and strapped it on and could… Read More

…last for more than a decade

I bought my tool belt from Diamond Back in the summer of 1996. I’m still using it today. Some of my newer employees are in awe when I tell them this. Saying they have gone through sometimes one or two bags yearly with the ones they have purchased at the local lumber yard. The craftsmanship… Read More

…at least I will be comfortable!

My partner Rene Bathalon had purchased one of your toolbelts last year and now its time for me to purchase one. I had to wait for mine to bite the dust. My friend from Mass. has also purchased one and says he will never own another belt. I can’t say I’m looking forward to go… Read More

…quite simply awesome!!!

New Bags arrived last week, and they are quite simply AWESOME!!! Would buy them again in heartbeat. Keep up the good work, and thanks for such a great product. Read More

…perfect for everything onsite

My company name is ShadowRidgeBuilders.com and we are located in southwest Montana. These bags are the best and well worth the money. I have outfitted my crews with Diamondback bags. I am a general contractor and these toolbelts are perfect for everything onsite. From residential to commercial this product will make you money. Read More

…better than sliced bread!!!

I purchased a set of pouches from Jim more then 10 years ago. I still love them and they are still in excellent condition. They show some wear, but have no holes or tears. I do mostly asphalt roofing so I have problems with my hips, and I switched to suspenders years ago. Since then… Read More

Frame to finish, rain snow or sunshine

I bought a Diamondback toolbelt 10 years ago. I have worn it just about everyday. Frame to finish, rain, snow or sunshine. My speed square has worn a hole in the bottom of the speed square pocket, still wear it every day. When I finally want to give up this belt, I will definitely order… Read More

…well worth the money

I have been framing houses for 20 yrs and have had every tool belt known to mankind. I bought the diamondback belt and will never buy another brand. It’s a great belt and well worth the money. Read More

…pleasure to wear

Andus and Lori, I received my tool pouches last Friday and have used them all week. They are the best pouches I have ever owned and are a pleasure to wear. When I gather up the funds I will place an order for more stuff. Thank You so much for solving my pouch problem!!! Read More

…the last tool belt I ever need

I received my belt last Friday and my initial impression was GREAT. Too many pockets is a good problem to have when it comes to a tool belt. The quality of construction is just that, QUALITY. And the adjustability is fantastic. I hope this is the last tool belt I ever need. I will write… Read More

It may outlast me!

Just looked at your website (as advertised in JLC magazine) and saw the note about the original designer/owner passed away. I bought one of his toolbelts about 12 years ago and still use it today! It may outlast me! I haven’t seen a Chinese copy-cat that comes close to his quality and craftsmanship. Good Luck. Read More

Great stuff!

I ordered the tee shirt with my belt and I have worn it so much it is positively falling off me! Great stuff! Read More