The Diamondback®


The GRRande (Mule & Ox pouches) offers the most storage and space of any complete system that Dimondback has. With help from Team Diamondback’s Kyle Stumpenhorst, we designed this system for those who work with larger, odd-shaped tools, such as sheet metal. The new design of the system offers easy access to tools and protection for larger items and fasteners. The GRRande system features the Mule on the dominant side–the side of your body in which you are stronger– of the belt. This heavy-lifting pocket contains one main pocket, along with 7 tool slots and a secondary pocket. It also contains a versatile tool loop in the rear for a nail puller or flat bar, a set of pencils and utility slots up front. The Ox is designed for the non-dominant side– the side of the body in which you are weaker. This pouch features a brand new tape pocket made to accommodate a tape over 35ft, a Main Pocket with Speed Square Divider and a Secondary fastener pocket. The Ox includes the rear Tool Loop and front pencil and utility slots. The GRRande is finished off with a hammer holster, giving you easy access to your most vital tool, and a 6” Diamondback® Belt to give you the necessary back support to perform your trade going forward. 

The Diamondback®


A step down in size from the GRRande is The Denali (Elias & Wrangell pouches). With 8 separate pockets, 16 slots, and 6 loops, this system does the perfect job balancing storage and organization. Additionally, the Denali includes a hammer holster and a flat bar holster to give you easy access to some of your favorite tools. Finally, this system is held together by our 6” Diamondback® belt, giving you optimal support for your work.  

The Bolt/Fitting Bag is an accessory that could cater to many other needs of a commercial tradesman. The Bolt Bag remains open to give you easy access to tools that you need. It also includes two connection loops for tool lanyards, four tool slots on the short side and a webbing band for any clip-based attachments on the face. It attaches with a trifold hook and loop system. The Bolt Bag is a favorite accessory among our Commercial construction customers.

Diamondback® for Commercial Builders

The commercial construction industry has always been the backbone of America. Diamondback® is committed to making the perfect system for your trade, so that you can perform your work to the best of your ability, for a prolonged period of time, with ergonomic support.

Diamondback® is the only tool belt company offering ergonomic systems. Our customizable tool belt systems and pouches allow you to organize your tools so that they fit your personal needs. Our aim is to make your workday easier, and alleviate back pain caused by ordinary tool belts.

Evolution of Commercial Construction

Throughout the last century, the world has watched America urbanize. Rarely today are you able to make a drive or go on a walk without seeing concrete poured along the way or a new building under construction. Commercial construction is making these transitions and transformations possible. Without the introduction of rebar or the concept of concrete forming, we would never have seen the industrial boom that took place in our country centuries ago. Commercial construction is the reason America has been able to develop into the booming economy that it is today. Despite some drastic changes in the industry, tradespeople will continue to lay the groundwork for the development of our country for years to come. 

The commercial construction industry looks almost nothing like it did a century ago.

Commercial buildings, and the tools that are used to construct them, have seen innovations and changes in recent years that have changed the way that people work. Despite these transformations, the base work of commercial construction workers isn’t that far off from what it was during the 19th century’s industrial revolution. Tradespeople still have to carry heavy and compact equipment around job sites throughout their workdays. Whether it may be a concrete company hauling around materials such as rebar or tie wire or other industries dragging around steel and metal studs, commercial construction has always required the movement of substantial material like no other. Despite this, there is more pressure today than ever before to construct comfortable, durable, and energy efficient buildings quickly and efficiently. Some innovative machinery has eased the loads of construction workers in this area. Cranes, excavators, forklifts, and numerous other machines have progressed and allowed the trade’s workers to get more done in less time, but despite these machines paving the way for change, commercial construction workers still wind up hauling bulky materials throughout their workday like no other. This can result in a significant toll on a worker’s health, specifically back pain and long-term back problems are very common in the industry. This is why comfort and organization amongst your tools is essential for any construction worker, but especially the one that deals with heavy materials each day.

Commercial Construction Today

The commercial construction industry consists of multiple different trades. Examples of these trades include work with concrete, steel, or metal studs. Whichever aspect of commercial construction you may work on, we understand that hauling heavy material all day isn’t easy. Our job is to make your work as efficient and comfortable as possible, and for you to be able to perform your trade for as long as you want.Every tradesman and woman is different and prefers their tools set up in a personal way,

and that’s why we give you the opportunity to build your systems the way you want. With a wide variety of pouches, you will be able to organize your tools in a manner that is easy to access, and customized perfectly to your comfort. We also offer a system designed specifically for heavy lifting trades. The Diamondback® GRRande was designed with the help of Team Diamondback’s Kyle Stumpenhorst (aka RRBuildings on YouTube and Instagram). 

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