Innovation Over Time

The introduction of the lightbulb in the late 19th century was one of the most groundbreaking innovations that the world has ever seen. Following this invention in the 1880s, the demand for electricians skyrocketed. Ever since the breakthrough of the lightbulb, electricians have paved the way for new advancements in society and impacted the world by allowing the introduction of new technologies. From the invention of the lightbulb to the present day, the work that electricians perform has eased lives across the globe.

As technological advancements are made, the work that electricians perform gains ground in parallel. When the career path of electricians began to take off in the early 1900s, workers often carried a single tool with them at a time. There was less technology, less requirements, and less urgency. If the job required a single plier, they could just keep it within reach. If a wire stripper was in need, it could be a short walk away. But today’s work for electricians has evolved to the point where carrying around a single tool is no longer practical. Yes, wire strippers and pliers are still two of the most vital tools in an electrician’s arsenal. But as technology has taken over the world, demand, urgency, and pressure on electricians has shot through the roof. While not long ago an electrician may have been able to perform their job with a single pair of pliers, it’s now necessary to carry needle-nose pliers, long-nose pliers, side-cutting pliers and even more to adequately perform their work. 

Due to the evolving needs of the electrician, almost every aspect of the electrician’s tool belt has been revised to benefit the workday of electrician professionals. There are countless variations to the tools that an electrician could carry around today. In a trade that evolves and adapts as rapidly as the electrician trade does, it is vital to keep your tools accessible and organized exactly the way that you want them.

Electricians Today

Because we know that no two electricians will work in the exact same way, we allow the customization of our Diamondback® electrician tool belts, so that you can arrange your tools the way that you want them. However, to give some guidance, we asked for input from electricians across the country on how they prefer to store and access their tools. After analyzing these answers and looking at different trends that are present among the trade, we have developed a pouch that adheres to the everyday life of an electrician, and allows you to customize your tool belt to work the way you want. 

The Diamondback® Niko Pouch

The Niko Pouch, (named after the great Nikolai Tesla) allows you to utilize your tools in whatever way you please. The Niko was designed specifically for the electrician, has a variety of pouches, slots, holsters and clips that will let you perfectly align your tools the way that you choose. This pouch not only offers customization depending on the user, but it maximizes space while still prioritizing organization and easy access to your most frequently used tools. The electrician’s Niko Pouch includes:

  • 8 outer tool slots
  • 4-slot Bit Index
  • Electrical Tape Strap
  • 8 Internal Tool Slots
  • Driver Clip Webbing Strip 

This pouch is designed to be placed on your dominant side–the side of the body in which you are stronger– and can be paired with any of the four non-dominant pouches–the side of the body in which you are weaker:

Pouch Pairing options

The Niko lends itself as a perfect pair to The Clavo. The Clavo is low impact and offers perfect placement for secondary tool use. This compact pouch includes 3 tool/ utensil slots, an integrated universal magnet, a padded main pocket divider, a slingshot outer pocket, a webbing tape clip and can also attach to either of our holsters. 

The Eagle is another fine addition to any system. Created as a non-dominant pouch, the versatile pouch provides optimal storage and mobility for the everyday use of an electrician. The Eagle consists of 6 pouches, 3 slots, and 2 loops, and offers ideal mobility for an electrician on a job site. 

The Wrangell offers a generously sized pouch on your non-dominant side for those who prefer a multitude of slots and spaces. It offers an attachment of either holster, and contains a speed square slot, and an outer pocket divider. 

The Ox can complete the above system alongside The Niko, for those who prefer to carry large loads on their non-dominant side. Offering 3 large pockets, 3 slots, and 2 loops, the Ox provides ample room for a variety of tools. 

Diamondback® for Electricians

Although the Niko Pouch is specifically designed for electricians, we have designed it such that it does not limit you to just one possibility. Every tradesman and woman has a different routine and different set of tools that they prefer by their side. Diamondback® is the only brand offering full customization of your system, allowing you to choose a belt of your choice (or a vest) and pair them with your favorite pouches and accessories.

Through the analysis of trends within the electrician’s trade and constant advice from our community of tradespeople, we are committed to continuing to create the tool belts and pouches that will support your everyday electrician needs. By offering personal customization of your system, we allow you to decide whether to prioritize organization, mobility or capacity so that your system perfectly supports your personal workflow.