The Diamondback®


The Artisan (Miter & Eagle pouches) is designed for those who prioritize mobility and organization. This smaller system keeps tools visible and easily accessible for use at all times. The Miter pouch is designed for the dominant side of the toolbelt, and is perfect for the use of remodeling. It consists of six pockets for your essential hand tools, and also has a 7 slot Drill Bit/ Tool Index for your smaller pieces. Opposite to The Miter, this system has The Eagle Pouch. The Eagle Pouch is made up of a top pouch (tape holder), speed square pouch, secret pouch #1, main pouch, secret Pouch #2, outside pouch, double tool loops, utility slot, tool slot, pencil slot. Finally, the Artisan offers easy access to a remodeler’s most vital component, your hammer, with the Diamondback® Hammer Holster. All held together by the 4” Diamondback® belt that will allow you to perform your job comfortably and easily.

Diamondback® for Remodelers

As housing and remodeling continues to evolve, Diamondback® is doing everything possible to keep up with the latest trends in the trade. Through engagement and feedback from tradespeople across the globe, our unique design is created to perfectly suit your everyday needs on the job. Our belt’s ergonomic configuration allows you to not only perform your job more efficiently and comfortably,

but it will also allow you to perform your job for a longer span of time. To adhere to a remodeler’s needs, we designed our pouches and systems so that you are able to customize them perfectly for your workflow, whatever that may be. As the housing and remodeling trade continues to evolve, Diamondback® is doing everything possible to adapt along with it to make your job on the site as easy as possible. 

Innovation Over Time

The construction of housing is becoming exponentially more complicated. The choice of materials is greater than ever before, safety has been emphasized more than it ever has been in the past, and precision is now the standard expectation. Just 20 years ago, most houses were built from exactly the same stuff. There was a consistent formula that was used everywhere: concrete or stacked-block foundations, lumber from mudsills to roof rafters, plywood sheathing, housewrap on the walls and fiberglass batts in the framing cavities. Today, there are countless variations to the formula with which to construct a house. Builder’s jobs are more complicated than ever before, and this trend is only likely to continue. As we’ve seen housing go through these drastic changes, we’ve seen trades such as remodeling needing to adapt along with it. 

Not only are houses’ constructs changing, but so are the tools that are used to build and remodel them. Technological advances have altered the way that remodeling is performed. Take one of the most common pieces of technology in the world for example, the cell phone. For better or for worse, the cell phone changed the way people work around the world. It is no different in the remodeling trade. While it was once necessary to carry numerous blueprints around the job site, the cell phone has changed this through easy access of PDFs. Another recent advancement that helped to shape remodeling was the dust collection/ extraction system. The progression of dust collecting systems in the 20th century has allowed tradespeople to finish their job at speeds that were previously unheard of. The trade is constantly evolving, as tools are continuing to do so with it. By examining different trends among the trade, we have been able to develop tool belts that adhere to the specific needs that remodelers have. 

Remodeling Today

Puzzling together all the tools that are needed to do work on a home can be difficult to say the least. So, it makes sense that no two tradesmen/women will perform their work in the same way. Everyone has their own personal preference on where they want their tools to be, and how they should be organized. So, what is the best possible pouch setup for remodeling? It all depends on your personal workflow.

Through input given by tradesmen throughout the country, we’ve developed pouches that will adhere to your everyday needs in your specific trade. Whether you prefer to pack everything into your belt or prefer more mobility on the site, the Diamondback® pouches and systems will accommodate your everyday remodeling needs. Through our choice of complete systems, you will be able to find the tool belt that is designed for your specific workflow.

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