Diamondback® systems for trim and finish carpentry

The Artisan (Miter & Eagle pouches) gives some of the best storage and organization for trim and finish carpenters. The Miter pouch attaches to your dominant side– the side of the body in which you are stronger– allowing up to six slots for essential tools, as well as a 7-slot Drill Bit/ Tool Index for the smaller items. The non-dominant side– the side of your body in which you are weaker– consists of The Eagle Pouch. The Eagle offers ideal storage capacity, with 6 total pouches, 3 slots, and 2 loops. Rounding out the artisan system are the hammer holster and the 4” Diamondback® Belt. The lightweight belt ensures comfort as the hammer holster gives easy access to a carpenter’s best friend. 

The Maestro (Mazo & Clavo) is designed for those who only like to carry around the necessities. As our most compact system, the Maestro is perfect for the carpenter that requires fewer or smaller tools. This allows you to maximize mobility, while still keeping your tools organized and within easy access. The dominant side pouch for this system is the Mazo. Mazo’s design offers five individual slots for hand tools and markers, a 4-slot Drill Bit Index, 2 webbing clips for optional additional accessories or tools, and a divider in the main pocket. Opposite of this is the Clavo Pouch. This compact non-dominant pouch offers the highest mobility rating of Diamondback® pouch options. It has 3 tool/utensil slots, a padded main pocket divider, an integrated universal magnet, a slingshot outer pocket, along with a webbing tape clip. 

The History of Trim Carpentry

If you’re a trim or finish carpenter you have probably weighed the pros and cons of both a pneumatic nailing system and cordless nailers. Yes, the two tools perform similar duties, but do you prioritize cost, ergonomics or performance? The convenience of choosing between these two tools shows how far this trade has progressed. Carpentry was always thought of a trade that was necessary to utilize hammer and nails. Tradespeople needed to carry numerous hammers and different sets of nails with them at all times. Although this may still be true in some cases, the pneumatic nail gun completely changed the carpenter’s work. This innovation from hammer and nails, to the pneumatic nailing system, now to cordless nailers exemplifies the dramatic changes that we’ve seen the trim/ finish carpentry industry undergo. The numerous evolutions from hand tools, to power tools, now to cordless tools has allowed the carpentry industry to progress into the highly skilled and competitive trade that we see today. While carpenter’s base work has remained constant over the years, the way that this work is performed is ever changing. The introduction of these new tools has emphasized efficiency and accuracy more than ever before. As a result,, the field’s methods, techniques, and tools have undergone significant alterations. 

It is unlikely that the carpentry trade’s development will slow down anytime soon, and neither will the expectations for tradespeople to perform their craft in a dynamic manner. Another glimpse into how this trade has changed is the introduction of the laser level. Seemingly every tradesman or tradeswoman stores a level in their tool belt. The level is timeless and has been available for electrician’s use for centuries. This classic use of a level leaves room for user error, though, and is comparably less efficient to the laser. Although the handheld level is unlikely to go away anytime soon, the introduction of the laser has offered accuracy and efficiency that was previously unheard of in the trade. As time passes, carpentry tools are only going to continue to evolve. Like the level’s progression from a handheld tool to a laser measuring device, these changes in techniques will allow trim and finish carpenters to take a new step in furthering their craft. 

Trim Carpentry Today

The evolution of these tools are just glimpses of the ways that carpentry has been altered over the years. As we look at these changes and continue to see changes in the trade, it is evident that this innovation won’t slow down anytime soon. As the trade and its tools continue to develop, shouldn’t carpenter’s tool pouches change too?

At Diamondback® we understand that no two carpenters perform their work the exact same way. Today, there are countless variations of various tools that trim carpenters use everyday. Every tradesman has his/her personal preference for almost everything. This is why Diamondback® leaves the options to you. 

Diamondback® for Trim and Finish Carpentry

Here at Diamondback, we understand that no two people in a trade will carry the same things, in the same way. This is why we leave the options to you. Although we have multiple carpenter tool belt options based on capacity, mobility and organization to guide you, at the end of the day the way that you wear your belts and pouches is up to you. This personal customization combined with our ergonomically designed belt will allow you to perform your job comfortably, efficiently and to the best of your ability.


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356 Reviews
  • “*update 3/13/21* Changed my review from 3 star -> 5star! Reason: My gripe about the shipping cost still remains valid but was heard by the company. I contacted them and asked if they would help cover the return and exchange for the right size belt and they did! So thank you diamondback for standing behind your product and caring about your customer. I now have the BEST tool belt money can buy. Stellar product and service. You earned the 5 star and my lifetime support. —— (Previous review) —— The products are 5 stars but the shipping and return policy is awful. Cost $25 to ship a belt and a pouch. Used the belt guide on the website and it’s to small. Need to order the next size up, now I have to shell out more money to send it back and pay even more to have the right size shipped back. Almost $50 just in shipping to finally get what I need. Be warned of shipping policy! You’re going to be disappointed like I am if you don’t get the right size on the first order. Otherwise great products, highly recommend.”
  • 2 months ago
    “I wasn’t sure about this rig at first. I tried the Denali setup on the 701 vest. Turns out I absolutely love it. I hate trips back and forth to the truck or tool box. I have a specific framing rig setup, but I carry things I ALWAYS end up using throughout the day. I used occidental for a couple years but my back has been giving me fits- not because of the occidental bags but because (apparently) I’m not in my 20’s anymore. The vest takes a huge load off my hips and I keep the vest belt tight around my waist. The shoulder support coupled with the belt not sagging has been SUCH an improvement. I really like the hammer holster in the front, it gets in the way climbing through rafters so I just move the hammer to the back loop- so easy. I LOVE the dedicated spot for a screw gun. The one improvement over occidental is that the rear cats paw sleeve as well as the sleeve for your combo square are much more accessible. I had to contort myself to see where I was reaching on the occidentals. The wrangell pouch sits lower and allows me to easily turn my head and slide everything where it goes. It sounds petty but if you’re on a roof screwing around in a tight spot trying to put your tools away while your buddy is squawking at you- it IS a big deal. There is one buckle on the right side that won’t stop maladjusting in my side. It annoys me but I think it’s because I have a lot crammed in the Elías pouches. The other thing is, sometimes when I bend forward the bags flop forward, BUT, nothing has ever fallen out of the pouches. Ever. That is a huge bonus because stuff would fall out of my occidental rig if I leaned too far forward. Overall five stars. The pictures are from working on my house and helping a buddy on his project.”
  • 3 weeks ago
    “Decided to pull the trigger on a set of the Denali 2.0. Once received (yes it takes a few days to get them) my hands on impressions match my research on the material quality, design, ingenuity, and craftsmanship. I've yet to actually use them but I'm close! I was accidently sent an XL belt last week but I ordered an Large. (no stars removed for a mistake because mistakes happen) The new belt showed up today and I promptly put my bags on it and realized I needed a Medium. You see, they tell you to follow their "Belt Sizing Guide" so you will be able to tighten your belt in the summer. I thought they don't know what they are talking about so I'll be safe and order a size up. NOPE! You can see I have it at the minimum adjustment and it's still too big. I just sheepishly ordered a Medium Belt and even paid for expedited shipping to make it sting a little more. You have to pay to send back your returns and exchanges. This is fair. from what I can tell shipping costs are not washed into product pricing. (I will update this review when I actually start using the bags.)”
  • 4 weeks ago
    “I measured very precisely and followed the directions for fit And I still have to tighten the belt as far as it can possibly go for it to fit. Not so bad when it’s cold out with heavy sweaters on but with just a T-shirt, I hope I don’t lose any weight. I’m 6 ft 185 lbs I definitely like it a lot but the medium should have fit fine. Seems odd. Wish the magnet was stronger. And wish there was just one more pouch on the maestro style for nails so I don’t have to go spend another fortune customizing this. Yes I now realize I should have just gone with the artisan, but I’m still happy”