We understand the most valuable tool for any job is you. You deserve to have durable, ergonomic products made with the best materials in the world to support your physical health and increase your efficiency at the job. Understanding people in the trades is what we do best. That is why we provide a wide range of add-ons and accessories, so you can have a modular system that adapts to you, as an individual. It is our mission to improve the lives of tradespeople by manufacturing products that live up to your incredible craft.

Find out more about the history of Diamondback, the motivations of Diamondback CEO Connor Crook, and the company’s dedication to elevating the trades in this Craftmanship Quarterly exposé on the company.


Diamondback® is made up of a small team dedicated to delivering comfort, durability, and craftsmanship.


Chief Executive Officer

Connor has been driving the boat for Diamondback® since purchasing the company in 2016. As the CEO and social media cover model, he brings his many years of courtroom experience to the task of building a global brand around premium tool belts, tool carry accessories, technical apparel, and safety gear. Life is what you make of it, so take the opportunity to try something new.


Chief Style Officer


Damani is our resident middle-aged hip hop star and the longest tenured employee of Diamondback. Although he has had his hands in various Diamondback functions over the years, he now oversees all creative elements of the company from design, branding, media, marketing, website, and socials. A natural teacher and people-person, “Diamondback® Damani” is everybody’s friend and knows what it takes to make a hit.


Chief Financial Officer

Ben leads all things financial at Diamondback. Nothing gets paid for without his permission. Not a single shilling gets spent without his approval. Ben can work a spreadsheet like Steph Curry has handles on the b-ball court. Prior to joining Diamondback, Ben held various finance and operations roles in industries including outdoor/apparel, renewable energy, and financial services. He isn’t all business though. On rare occasions you can catch him burning up the karaoke stage.


Social Media Coordinator

Liz is a professional consumer and connoisseur of all things social media. She is up on the latest trends and has a mind for what it takes to stay relevant in today’s digital landscape. After a few years of running the customer service arm of Diamondback, Liz has shifted to making sure we remain relevant in the social media sphere by gathering, curating, and organizing all our content on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. When not ruling the webisphere or telling everyone else what they are doing wrong, she is chasing around her two gorgeous children.


Director of Operations

Glenn splits his time between entertaining the team with sarcastic jokes and keeping Diamondback’s operation’s train on track. He oversees a variety of company functions that include but are not limited to fulfillment, supply chain, quality control, and logistics. Glenn comes to Diamondback with a master’s degree from the University of Virginia School of Architecture after years of running his own high-end design/build wood fabrication business. He finds his Zen on the soccer pitch, coaching and playing, or exploring the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife and three kids.


Head of Soft Goods


Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial design after spending several years as a mechanic for cars, trucks, and industrial equipment. He has spent the last 15 years designing packs, bags, sporting goods, and equipment for several major brands in both full and freelance capacities. Nick is tasked with continuing the legacy of innovative Diamondback soft goods. When not devising the next tool pouch, holster, or storage bag, Nick spends his time as a musician and photographer. He is also in the process of converting a 38ft school bus into an Airbnb on his property just outside of Yosemite.


Lead Graphic Designer

Although not a lawyer and regrettably not a hip-hop star, Chris has been in the design business for over 20 years. Chris’ career arc has spanned numerous Art Director positions and he has been the owner of his own design company. He was brought to Diamondback to give the company a facelift and make the branding iconic. When he is not designing, he is flipping houses as a remodeler, restoring classic cars, or teaching his teenage son how to be the next Steve Caballero.


Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Charlie works to optimize the toolbelts.com e-commmerce experience. He builds out new website features including customer favorites wishlists and order tracking. Charlie has been web programming for a broad range of companies since 2014 before jumping in the Diamondback van in 2021. When he’s not hunched over his workstation grimacing at website bugs, he can be found cruising the bike path or doing landscaping projects.


Head of Hard Goods


Wyatt began his design career working for an exhibit design firm specializing in museum installation for notable clients like the Smithsonian Institute, the University of Tennessee, and the CFA Institute. He was later recruited by an outdoor gear storage retailer where he helped design an array of products from kayak racks to snowboard and ski bags. Now Wyatt oversees the creation of Diamondback hard good products. When he is not studying metal alloys, he is bench-pressing whole cars in the parking lot and humbly making your biceps look small.


Head of Apparel


Carline comes to Diamondback with a degree in Apparel Design and Development. She has focused her career on designing and elevating products. By combining her knowledge of outdoor performance gear, performance technology and keen eye for aesthetics she has what it takes to create apparel that not only looks good and lasts a lifetime but will make you more efficient on the job. Carline hails from Wisconsin and loves riding her bike, teaching fitness classes, and going on adventures with her Weimaraner dog named Guinness.


Senior Manager of Internal Operations and Projects

Courtney oversees the management and improvement of processes, procedures, and guidelines that support Diamondback’s strategic goals. Courtney draws on a diverse professional background that includes military aviation operations and the financial services industry. She holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business. When she is not strategizing for Diamondback, she enjoys time adventuring outdoors with her husband and two daughters.


Customer/Social Media Liaison

Tay attended Averett University where he obtained a Bachelor’s in Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. He left a promising career in finance and banking to take over as head of direct consumer communications for Diamondback. He enjoys health and fitness, as well as exploring fine eating establishments. Tay has an infectiously cool demeanor and is always eager to help anyone with their questions or concerns about Diamondback.


Warehouse Manager

Rob has worked in retail for most of his life but moved over to the fulfillment side in 2007. He worked his way from Fulfillment Associate to Receiving Manager to Warehouse Manager. Rob worked for six years as the warehouse manager for the prestigious Thomas Jefferson Foundation before we stole him away to manage the Diamondback warehouse. While managing warehouse operations may be his day job, Rob is an accomplished song writer and guitar/bass player and has doubled as a working musician for the last 20 years. We are looking forward to hearing his new album this fall.


Sales Operations Manager

Qais moved to Virginia at the age of 13 from the wonderful state of Michigan. He traveled back to the Midwest to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Qais comes to Diamondback with a passion for business entrepreneurship where he oversees all international and domestic wholesale accounts and shipments. When not making sure Diamondback is stocked around the globe, Qais enjoys playing futbol and watching legendary Manchester United play the beautiful game. He can also be found hanging out with his two beautiful daughters or cultivating various medicinal plants.

If you have been searching for a comfortable tool belt that features plenty of storage and long-lasting durability, then stop here and go get yourself a Diamondback® Toolbelt.

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