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Made for the trades since 1992

Diamondback® was founded in 1992 by the late Jim Skelton, a master carpenter, and adventurer. After a disabling job site injury, Jim put his experience to work and developed a technically-advanced solution to alleviate his back pain. We are proud to continue his vision of making the best tool belts and pouch systems available on the market.

Our mission is to improve the lives of tradespeople by making products that live up to your incredible craft.

Diamondback® Miter pouch next to Makita saw and DeWalt tool box, photo by Frampton Remodeling

Tradesmen engagement drives product innovation

We engage with hundreds of tradesmen on our social media channels in order to meet the demands of the evolving construction industry.

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Diamondback® Toolbelts on the job with a DeWalt saw

HQ Team

Diamondback® Toolbelts is made up of a small team dedicated to delivering comfort, durability, and craftsmanship.

Connor Crook


Connor has been driving the boat for Diamondback® since purchasing the company in 2016. As the CEO and social media cover model, he brings his many years of courtroom experience to the task of building a global brand around the premium tool belts. Life is what you make of it, so take the opportunity to try something new.

Damani Harrison

Sales, Marketing & Service

Damani is our resident middle-aged hip hop star who has transitioned into sales, marketing, and customer service. A natural teacher and people-person, “Diamondback® Damani” is everybody’s friend and knows what it takes to make a hit.

Elina Manevich

Chief Marketing Officer

Elina spent over 15 years in various marketing roles in Silicon Valley. After escaping to Texas and helping Diamondback® scale on a contracting basis, the two parties made it official, and Elina came on-board full time. When she’s not scaling revenue, Elina spends her time cheering on her sons from the sidelines.

Liz Kawecki

Customer Service

Liz is our latest and greatest addition to the team. Besides being a black belt in problem solving, Liz dedicates her time to whipping two little ones into shape. Chances are you will experience Liz’s friendly demeanor as she’s responding to your messages, so feel free to say hello!

American-made and proud

Every product is, has been, and will be designed and manufactured in the United States.

If you have been searching for a comfortable tool belt that features plenty of storage and long-lasting durability, then stop here and go get yourself a Diamondback® Toolbelt.

Mike Valente
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356 Reviews
  • “Purchased the Diamondback Utility Sheath XL to hold a 14”x 1 1/2” all steel chisel. The sheath clips on easily to my Saratoga tool vest. Sheath is very well made and durable. Great job Diamondback!”
  • a week ago
    “I had researched several brands before deciding on Diamondbacks. With so many options and not knowing what was best, I settled on the Chopo setup based on the minimal setup. Big enough bag on non dominant side to hold what I need for framing, and small bag on dominant side to reduce carrying too much. Added the suspenders to take some pressure off my hips throughout the day (not a spring chicken anymore). Without a doubt, noticeable difference in weight, distribution and comfort day one. I went 2 weeks without breaking them in (as directed by Diamondback) and still was flexible enough not struggle. Since, have stretch them and enjoy putting my belt on and going to work everyday. Great customer service. Great product. Great craftsmanship. Hope to retire from this profession and walk away still wearing this rig in the way out. Thanks Diamondback!”
  • “*update 3/13/21* Changed my review from 3 star -> 5star! Reason: My gripe about the shipping cost still remains valid but was heard by the company. I contacted them and asked if they would help cover the return and exchange for the right size belt and they did! So thank you diamondback for standing behind your product and caring about your customer. I now have the BEST tool belt money can buy. Stellar product and service. You earned the 5 star and my lifetime support. —— (Previous review) —— The products are 5 stars but the shipping and return policy is awful. Cost $25 to ship a belt and a pouch. Used the belt guide on the website and it’s to small. Need to order the next size up, now I have to shell out more money to send it back and pay even more to have the right size shipped back. Almost $50 just in shipping to finally get what I need. Be warned of shipping policy! You’re going to be disappointed like I am if you don’t get the right size on the first order. Otherwise great products, highly recommend.”
  • 5 days ago
    “I purchased the GRRande bags. Great fit and comfortable. I can have 12 racks of 16 gun nails and my impact hanging and my gun hanging on the opposite and I can bend down and pick up a 2x6 before I climb up a ladder. Very well built. Are they worth the money? Time will tell... that said I recommend you give them a shot. Most comfortable bags I’ve worn and can carry all the weight you need and weigh less than leather bags AAAaaaaand I can fit through spaces that other bags say “no chance friend””