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Diamondback Toolbelts was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by the late Master Carpenter Jim Skelton. After hurting his back on the job, Jim was eager to get back to work. He was unable to use his old gear, so Jim searched for a tool belt he could wear to reduce his pain. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find one. So as any Master Carpenter would, he decided build his own. With the guidance of a Chiropractor, Jim set out to design the worlds best tool belt.  In 1993 the first official Diamondback rig was born.

Over the years Diamondback changed its headquarters before finally finding its home. Currently, Connor Crook runs the Diamondback operation out of Charlottesville, Virginia. Connor grew up working at his dad’s hardware store during the school year and working construction jobs in the Summer. After his stint as a lawyer, Connor acquired Diamondback because he wanted to improve the lives of all tradesmen and women with better tradegear.

Diamondback is taking tradegear to the next level. We design and manufacture innovative, ergonomic products for the trade industry. Our relentless support of high quality manufacturing has earned us a loyal and growing customer base, and we are proud to continue to support and contribute to the trades. Diamondback is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia with a distributed team throughout the United States.

HQ Team

Diamondback® is made up of a small team dedicated to delivering comfort, durability, and craftsmanship.

Connor Crook


Connor has been driving the boat for Diamondback® since purchasing the company in 2016. As the CEO and social media cover model, he brings his many years of courtroom experience to the task of building a global brand around the premium tool belts. Life is what you make of it, so take the opportunity to try something new.

Damani Harrison

Sales, Marketing & Service

Damani is our resident middle-aged hip hop star who has transitioned into sales, marketing, and customer service. A natural teacher and people-person, “Diamondback® Damani” is everybody’s friend and knows what it takes to make a hit.

Elina Manevich

Chief Marketing Officer

Elina spent over 15 years in various marketing roles in Silicon Valley. After escaping to Texas and helping Diamondback® scale on a contracting basis, the two parties made it official, and Elina came on-board full time. When she’s not scaling revenue, Elina spends her time cheering on her sons from the sidelines.

Liz Kawecki

Customer Service

Liz is our latest and greatest addition to the team. Besides being a black belt in problem solving, Liz dedicates her time to whipping two little ones into shape. Chances are you will experience Liz’s friendly demeanor as she’s responding to your messages, so feel free to say hello!

Ben Blackburn

Chief Operating Officer

Ben leads all things finance, operations and supply chain for Diamondback. He spends his days wrangling suppliers and crunching numbers to keep the gears turning. Prior to joining Diamondback, Ben held various finance and operations roles in industries including outdoor/apparel, renewable energy, and financial services.

Chris Conklin

Lead Graphic Designer

Although not a lawyer and regrettably not a hip-hop star, Chris has been in the design biz for 20+ years. Chris’ career arc has spanned numerous Art Director positions and the owner of his own design company. Chris was brought onboard to move the Diamondback brand onward and upward.

Josh Levenson

Chief Cupcake Officer

Josh is a reformed Financial Analyst turned Marketer. A Pacific Northwest native, he sought out a place without 10 months of rain per year and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s also a voracious consumer of cupcakes!


Every product is, has been, and will be designed and manufactured with the utmost quality.

“If you have been searching for a comfortable tool belt that features plenty of storage and long-lasting durability, then stop here and go get yourself a Diamondback® Toolbelt.”

Mike Valente
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