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Diamondback® complete systems were created by trade professionals who customized their setup for ultimate performance and comfort.



The most innovative way to support your body and simultaneously wear your tools



the Trades

Diamondback donates 1% of all profits to trades education

& Totes

Not everything you need for a job can go on your tool belt. Our versatile line of bags and totes can take care of the rest.



You want to carry what you need, where you need it. We give you the power to fully customize your Diamondback.



Customize your tool belt or vest with a wide range of modular Diamondback accessory options.


Go Panel

Organize your shop or trailer with our Go Panel system



What People Are Saying About Diamondback

I’ve been looking for a comfortable, well made, left-handed, belt system for years. The Maestro from Diamondback has been the answer for me as I do mainly trim carpentry. The 4” belt is definitely the most comfortable I have ever worn, and I’ve been wearing different brands of them for 49 years now. The hammer holster is great, the quality is exceptional. Well worth the price.

Frank Petrovich

You hear and see the reviews, but you don’t expect how much of a difference there is between these belts and an off-the-shelf rig until you put it on and work a day with it. The way these belts distribute weight allows for natural balance and freedom of movement, and the organization keeps you from having to dig for what you need. I won’t ever need to buy another rig, but if I did it would be another Diamondback. They are worth every penny.

Phil Mayo

Best tool belt I’ve ever worn. My biggest regret is I waited so long to buy them. The belt sits higher on your hips than all my tool belts in the past did. I’ve had my set for over two years now and there’s no sign of wear on any of the pouches at all. The biggest thing is the hammer sleeve, it takes a little getting used to but it’s probably my favorite feature. These are worth the investment.

steve harrington

I was a huge fan of the 'other guys' big leather belts, and if you're into that, more power to you. I wore their Denali system once and never looked back. super light, super durable, super comfortable. Besides making the highest quality gear, customer service and the reps actually listen to their customers. Nothing but innovations.

Anthony DiNardo

I bought my belt less than a year ago and it was one of my best purchases I've made. The majority of our guys all rock diamondback with pride. It's a statement of the commitment to your work. I can never change back! Everything has a home.

Tip top Exteriors

What else can I say about Diamondback, they are the best bags I've ever worn. I've been in the trades a long time and I have not found a more innovative, well-built, comfortable, versatile line of tool belts and accessories anywhere else. Built to last, they use some of the very best materials out there. With innovative designs such as their hammer and flat bar holsters, to the quick release Cobra Buckle and ergonomic belts, you will never run out of reasons to go with Diamondback.

mike coito

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