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Belts, suspenders and more

Last Updated: February 7, 2017


We are redesigning the suspenders. We will let you know as soon as they are ready, but first we need an improved belt to hook your suspenders to. The new belts will have several new features including built in suspender connections. We hope to have pictures of our new prototypes by mid February.

As part of our on-going efforts to streamline production and get pouches in your hands more quickly, we have made a few changes to the line. First, we eliminated the Glacial Pouch. We determined that the Wrangell was almost identical and slightly better, so we substituted the Wrangell on the Crevasse rigs that will roll out this month. Likewise, the Bear Claw was a slightly more advanced pouch than the Stealth, so we upgraded the Stealth and took out the Bear Claw. The new Stealths will be on the Lynx and Grizzly rigs because Grizzlies are known for their stealth.

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The Best Tool Belts and Pouch Systems Available

Diamond Back U.S.A. Tool Belts is made up of a small team dedicated to carrying on the tradition of making the best tool belts and pouch systems available to professional workers worldwide. With a deep background in building structures from the concrete phase through the finish phase of a project–coupled with the knowledge of how durable a product needs to be to meet the rugged demands of even the toughest climates and conditions-we are proud to continue the Diamond Back legacy of durability, craftsmanship and comfort.

Our comprehensive belt and pouch system is made to keep carpenters, laborers, sheet metal workers, electricians, and the like, safe and comfortable in the daily demands of field work. The 100% American made product was created by the late Jim Skelton who, because of back problems, developed this product in the early 1990s to help alleviate his pain and outlast any belt system on the market.

In a world dominated by corporations, Diamond Back USA Toolbelts is still a small company that puts the customer first. Our goals are simple – the best tool belt on the market and the best customer service in the industry.

Why Buy Diamond Back?

Who doesn’t want to be safe and comfortable in the workplace all while supporting a 100% American made product? But why pay more?

We like to consider our tool belts an all-around good investment. Every component of our products, from the fabric to the metal buckles and everything in between, are all made and assembled here in the United States-meaning you’re helping to keep our economy strong. Furthermore, our belts tend to outlast our competition. Sure you can buy a cheaper rig at a box store every year for $60 or $70 but our belts have been known to last for 20+ years. When you break it down, buying a Raptor today for $305.00 equates to your rig averaging out to $55 a year over 5 years, $27.50 a year over 10 years and only $13.75 a year if you can keep it going for 20 years! Put another way, your Diamond Back Belt rig breaks down to a mere .15/day over 5 years and only .08 a day over 10 years.