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The Diamondback Hi Viz 701 Vest - the all-in-one solution you've been waiting for! Say goodbye to flimsy safety vests. Our vest offers unmatched support, tool storage, and high visibility.

Through extensive research, we've taken the best Hi Viz features and combined them with our classic 701 Vest design. It boasts 3M reflective strips, heat-sealed loops to secure your Diamondback accessories, and is crafted from durable military-grade 1000 denier Nylon mesh. Fully modular, you can customize where you attach pouches and tools on your torso and waist.

If top-tier visibility and tool access are what you're after, the Diamondback Hi Viz 701 Vest is unrivaled. Grab yours while supplies last!

Sizing Note: The 701 Vest does not accommodate individuals taller than 6'5"

  • Ergonomic design for reduced hip and shoulder stress
  • Durable #10 zipper with large teeth
  • 6 torso attachment points for tools and Diamondback accessories
  • Customizable fit with adjustable shoulder straps and 6 side adjustments
  • Safety harness compatible
  • 50% lighter than similar vests
  • Strong, breathable single layer military-grade nylon mesh
  • Optional Lumber/Shoulder Pad Support (see Diamondback Accessories)
  • 30 day risk free returns
  • 5 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
JJ Martinez
Very high quality tool vest!

I love that the weight is distributed, I can definitely wear my pouches for far longer than i could with regular suspenders. Over all a great and high quality product!

Eric Faga
Hi Viz 701 Vest

I first bought the black 701 vest to replace my occidental tool belt. I wanted a modular system because of the work that I do. I’m a carpenter, and the work I do changes regularly, so it’s nice to unclip one accessory and clip on another. I bought the black vest knowing that the hi-viz was coming. I do volunteer work that requires five basic PPE, and one is hi-viz. having a hi-viz vest helps in that the vest wouldn’t cover my shirt and the hi-viz vest is rated higher then the shirts is wear. I carry A LOT of weight and barely notice it.


The zipper stitching has started to fall apart. It appears that it is only single stitching, looks like I have to take it to someone who can double stitch the zipper as that would be a more economical solution than sending it back to the USA from Australia. Very comfortable but considering I use it at least 50hrs/week, not good enough after 3 months use.

Forrest Ridley
Great vest

This vest is definitely one of a kind. It gives great support for the long days on the construction site and is very comfortable for all day wear. I definitely recommend this vest to anyone and everyone!

Adrian Jimenez
Life changer!

Just made the switch from a tool belt and the difference is insane! Will never wear a belt again! Usually carry quite a bit of tools and material and you can’t even feel the weight.