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1 pocket, 6 Outer Tools Slots, 4 Inner Tool Slots

We increased the internal organization of our popular Mini Niko by adding three more tool slots in the main pocket. Your essential screwdrivers and pliers can each have a designated location in this versatile pouch. Electricians and General Contractors utilize the Mini Niko due to the versatility of the tool slots. With dedicated storage for screwdrivers, linesman pliers, and trim square you can increase your efficiency and keep your everyday carry properly organized.

  • 4-slot Bit Index
  • Electrical Tape Loop
  • Stiff Webbing Clip


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  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers

SKU: DB2-24-BK-L


Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 4

Height (inches): 12.75

Weight (pounds): 0.65

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marcos Anchia

Great tool pouch. A little difficult to get the velcro loop on and off a pants belt with out removing pants belt.

Best and most efficient pouch

I am a commercial electrician and this bag takes the cake. I am right handed so this bag makes it easy to grab screwdrivers, strippers, or channel locks with ease. It's also nice to have 4 slots for smaller nut drivers. I like that the bag isn't terribly big so it's not catching on walls or ceiling grid. This bag paired with the flux pretty much makes the perfect belt for what I use on the daily. I highly recommend this bag if you're an electrician or service HVAC.

Allan Gomez

Love it no complains at all

Sam Whorton
Great everyday pouch

As a commercial/industrial electrician it’s important to stay light and still have what you need everywhere you go.The Mini Niko does a great job. Paired with an Eagle on my non dominant, they make a good duo.

Eli Johnson