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The 701 is the lightest, most durable and adaptable construction tool belt vest on the market. A single layer of military-grade nylon mesh will stand up to any job site while keeping you cool and comfortable. We designed the 701 tool vest to provide coverage where you need it while maximizing breathability with open shoulders and underarms and a tapered back panel. Adjustable shoulder straps and a built-in waist belt will replace both your belt and suspenders to evenly distribute weight throughout your shoulders, waist and torso.

Attach any Diamondback pouch or accessory to the waist belt or torso attachment points. Two bands of heavy-duty elastic at the top of the back provide shock absorption and access to safety harness connection points. The waist belt adjusts at the rear so there is no buckle to damage cabinets or other surfaces for trim carpenters and installers. The three adjustment straps under each arm allow our standard size to fit most users. A hanging strap is at the top of the back for when you are ready to set your Vest aside at the end of the day.

Each 701 Vest comes equipped with twICEmetwICEme is a technology that allows you to upload safety information to your equipment via the twlCEme app. twlCEme gives instant access to uploaded safety information, letting first responders and people around you take correct action faster in case of an emergency.

Sizing Note: The 701 Vest does not accommodate individuals taller than 6'5". See sizing chart for specific details.


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Width (inches): See sizing chart

Depth (inches): See sizing chart

Height (inches): See sizing chart

Weight (pounds): 1.65

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 701 Vest compatible with Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes, Diamondback pouches (and most non-Diamondback pouches) are compatible with all 701 Vests
What is primary difference between the vest sizes?
The vest size is determined by the width of the body...not the length.
What is the benefit to a vest vs supenders?
The vest distributes weight across torso and away from hips and shoulders.
Is the 701 Vest fall harness compatible?
Yes, the 701 Vest fits over the harness and has a slot for the harness ring.
Do you sell extensions for the shoulder straps?
No we do not sell shoulder strap extensions
  • Lightweight Military Grade Nylon Mesh
  • Integrated Tightening-Adjustable Belt
  • Shock Absorbing Elastic Back
  • 6 Front Modular Attachment Points
  • 6 Rib/Hip Tightening Adjustment Straps
  • Hook & Loop Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Storage Loop
  • Optional Lumbar/Shoulder Support Pads

Customer Reviews

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Rad electric co
Best choice I have made

The vest is the best investment I have made in a tool belt in 20 years. I am an electrician and put full size bags and wear it for 8-10 hrs a day. my lower back don't hurt my hips don't hurt don't think just get the vest

Aj from KY
Best of a lesser evil.

I’m a framer from Kentucky, and I carry a lot of tools usually. And I’ve bought everything from the big box store belts, Occidental’s, Badger’s, and I’ve always went back to diamondback. I do the 6” Belt with the Miter and the Eagle in the summer and the 701 vest with the Wrangell and the Elias in the winter and it’s probably the best at distributing weight and making you able to carry more but it’s definetly an “acquired taste” as you would say and took some getting used to. It’s pretty awesome if you’re corny like me and want to put some moral patches on it and load it down with attachments and accessories.

Sergio Jimenez

Probably the last work belt system I'll ever need to buy...

Raynard N.
So different!! Sparky approved!

The 701 vest is a game changer! I’m an electrician and for my entire career I’ve been using traditional waisted tool belts/tool pouches. The 701 vest really frees up your hips and distributes the weight way better on your upper body. I’m looking forward to being more efficient with this setup, and looking to add more diamondback pieces for that ultimate tool setup for an electrician.

Phillip Torres
Way better than a traditional tool belt!

I’m a garage technician. I fix garages and install them. For years I would use a traditional tool belt but always felt there was something better so I started to do my research and came across the 701 vest and I’m glad I bought it! No more pants falling no more lower back pains. I can have it on all day and it doesn’t bother me at all! Mine is equipped with a mini nikko on the left and an impact holster and hammer holster on the right. I also have some clip punches on my mini nikko and two magnet pouches on my chest with some shoulder pads. It has made my job easier!! I highly recommend it.