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3 pockets, 10 slots, 3 loops

The Miter is the dominant side pouch of our extremely versatile Artisan System. The Miter is the perfect pouch for trim work by keeping hand tools separated and organized and proving slots for your vital bits and punches.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Hand Tools, Small to Medium Tape or Chaulk Line Pencils, Knife, Driver and Drill Bits

Great For: Carpenters, Remodelers, Drywallers


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Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 5

Height (inches): 16

Weight (pounds): 1.35

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pouch compatible with non-Diamondback belts?
Yes, Diamondback pouches are compatible with all belts available on the market
Does this pouch clip on or does it use hook and loop ?
All of our pouches use the hook and loop system (except the Bossman).
Is this pouch comptible with a hammer holster and flat bar holster?
Yes it is compatible with hammer holster and flat bar holster.
What is the difference between left and right hand configuration?
The left is a mirror opposite of the right configuration. We recommend you order a left configuration if you want the pouch on the left side and a right configuration if you want the pouch on the right side.
  • Hammer Loop
  • Butterfly Tool Loops
  • 7-Slot Tool/Bit Index
  • Pocket Divider
  • Hammer/Flat Bar Holster can be attached

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Cheung


Great pouch but with a single design flaw

I carry a pencil, a marker and a fine pen altogether for general writing, large marks and precision marks respectively. I was disappointed to find out the outer pouch covers 1 of the 3 pencil/punch slots at the front of the pouch which makes the 3rd slot inaccessible, this could easily be solved by moving the outer pouch backwards to expose the 3rd pencil slot. The butterfly loops still have room to move more back as well so this can surely be fixed by Diamondback without running into other issues. I’ve noticed multiple people with this issue so it is in fact a design flaw and not a manufacturing fault. Otherwise this is an excellent pouch with a lot of versatility which could be used on your dominant side and/or non dominant side!

Rob Farruggio
Miter Pouch

Well built, good quality. Best pouches I’ve owned

Jordan Caufield
It's a great pouch! Many options.. and well built..

But i am confused as to why the mini pocket underneath the smaller/bottom fastener/bit pouch is.. well "underneath". It seems to me if you moved that bottom pouch backwards it would leave more accessibility to the little utility pocket that is hidden underneath.

In the site pictures you can see an olfa blade in this "hidden" pocket. I didn't ever realize that it was 2-3 time bigger than it shows.

Or is there some special purpose for this design aspect?

I would also redesign a hammer holster on the front side that can be mounted "high" but fit closer to the pouch than the high-mount 1 that is available separately - which i purchased. It is too far forward - and i might see about customization.

I like the high mount hammer holster better than the standard DB one. Plus i don't use STILLETO hammers and have hammers with rubberish handles, so i was worried that my hammers might not slide in and out easily. Plus isn't it a bit uncomfortable to have your hammer underneath your pounch?

I do like the REAR hammr hoslter as an option for carrying when you don't need the hammer constantly. But it could be designed to better allow the hammer in and out. Maybe a more ridged system. Like that of the high mount holster i bought.

I also think the tape measure pocket could be a bit bigger it is super tight for a 25' FATMAX. sure i don't want to drop it. But i can barely get it in an out. Maybe I'll WAX the inner of th pocket hahaha..

Also. Loving the magnet clips. So far. Not on a rooftop. But great for interior trim-work when you're just placing a few screws at a time or need to hold on the the door-pins etc.

Stephen Sasa
If you pay for your life with carpentry, this is a no brainer

Modular nail bags | full PRO system. You get what you pay for. It will go as far as you can take it. It let me configure some weirdness that only I ever wanted and that no one else would even dream about. I'm left handed and I've been able to use this Miter pouch to configure the perfect trim carpentry nail bags that I dreamed of back in '92, back when people were just guys and they were telling me they invented the California corner and other people believed it. And the vest with the pads! Miracle