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8 outer slots, 8 inner slots

We designed the Niko dominant side pouch with a couple of our best electrician friends (@completelycordless and @connecticutsparky on Instagram). It is built on the same large volume, open pocket design as our Ox and Mule pouches. The large open pocket includes enough dividers for an arsenal of pliers and strippers along with testers and a small level while the bit index holds your most commonly used tips. There is a tape lanyard and 5 exterior driver slots along with pencil and knife slots plus a hanger for your cordless.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Drivers, Pliers, Electric Tape, Bits, Pencils, Knife, Small Level

Great For: Electricians, HVAC

  • 4-slot Bit Index
  • Driver Clip Webbing Strip
  • Electrical Tape Strap
  • Hammer Holster and Flat Bar Holster compatible


  • 30 day risk free returns
  • Free return/exchange shipping in US
  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers


Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 5

Height (inches): 14.5

Weight (pounds): 1.1

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Alex Llamas
Niko pouch

Lightweight and comfortable, different pockets to place several tools

Zack Stern
Best pouch for electricians

The best, most intuitive pouch for electricians on the market by far. The Niko is my daily carry with enough space to carry all the hand tools I need for whatever the job throws at me.

Very Nice Pouch

The product is very sturdy. I am satisfied.

Raul Sabino

Great pouch for electrician

Good with room for improvement

This pouch has some thoughtful features, but there is one thing that I just can’t get over and has me sitting here thinking I need to halfway deconstruct the pouch to get it to function properly. The main pouch tool pocket dividers are WAY TOO SMALL to hold the basic hand tools an electrician uses more than anything, unless they’re using only the base model Klein pliers. Insulated or journeyman handles will not slide into the tool divider webbing slots, which is a major issue. Seriously major. The only way to get them to fit is to place one handle in each slot and have the tool sitting handles-down in your pouch. That leads to pinches and having to flip your tools around to grab and hold them. I cannot see how this didn’t come up in design meetings. Unfortunately my only two options are to either return the thing and be back at square one, or use a seam ripper to dismantle the dividers into ones that will be too large once doubled in size. Another thing that is annoying is the tape loop clasp. It is small and positioned in a tight space, so accessing tape on a ladder becomes an irksome dance with death. Aside from those two things, it’s a pretty great pouch, but I’d rather spend $150 to say “wow!” rather than “I’m gonna have to custom fabricate some kind of solution for what should already be a solution.” Hopefully these issues are remedied on a new run, because this pouch has good potential.