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The main pocket on The Wingman can be open or closed at the bottom to carry a variety of tools. Use it as a no-slap hammer loop or convert to a holster for uniquely shaped tools. It also features a webbing strip for clip-on accessories and three slots for pencils, markers or nail sets.

Attaches with hook and loop system.


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Width (inches): 9.5

Depth (inches): 2.25

Height (inches): 8

Weight (pounds): 0.2

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Really versatile pouch

I’m writing this review because this is the only pouch I’ve found that can carry an oddly shaped billhook I have safely (with an additional sheath on). The bottom flap closure helps keep it very secure in the pouch, while the pouch itself is narrow enough to make sure it’s not going to flop around. As the picture shows, you can put all sorts of stuff in here including axes, hammers, folding rules, etc. I just use it for the sickle since I need to cut brush with a variety of tools and carry them all with me.

The one thing I'd mention as having room for improvement is that it really should come with a loop side patch to cover the hook side of the bottom strap. When you have the bottom strap in front of the pouch (so that it creates a bottom to the pouch), the hook side will catch on your clothes or safety vest, causing pulls in the fabric, picking up pet hair, dirt, or plant material, and just being annoying in general. I solved this with cutting my own loop-side velcro patch out of some of it I had lying around (pictured), but it's a very cheap and easy thing to send with the pouch and would remove this minor annoyance. All in all, not a big deal though.

Kevin Cheung


Kevin Cheung

Great pouch fits everything I need

David Thomas
Great pouch

Perfect to pair with the boss man pouch , for maintenance worker or just when you don’t need a hole lot , but it will still surprise you how much you can carry. Great job !!


Great little pocket, fits everything I need it to