We believe you get what you pay for, so we build our systems from the most durable materials and components we can find. Diamondback® is proud to stand behind our products and offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, covering original purchase price and any applicable taxes.

In case you get the wrong size or item, or would like to add to your order, we offer free return and exchange shipping. Visit our Shipping and Returns page to learn more.

5-year guarantee on workmanship

  • If stitching fails or if the pouch wears out from normal use, we will replace it.
  • If we no longer carry the item you purchased, we will replace it with an item of equal value.

Our warranty does not cover tears or rips caused by saws, knives, chisels, or other such objects. It does not cover abnormal wear and tear caused by misuse of the product. Improper use of your equipment such as hanging tools from the suspender loops on the belt will also void the warranty.

This warranty only applies to items purchased directly from Diamondback® or from a Diamondback® authorized dealer. Based on original purchase date.

“I frame five days per week and would rather buy a top-quality tool belt and keep it ‘forever.’” So I have no problem spending a decent amount of money on a belt like this because it is going to hold up.”

Tim Uhler
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