DB Sax comes in ranger green with black webbing, ranger green with red webbing, yellow with black webbing, red with black webbing, and NEW SILVER with black webbing!!

Use the DB Sax to secure extra fasteners or other bulky materials that don't quite fit in your pouches like shims, bolts, electrical outlets or plumbing connections. The Standard Size DB Sack easily clips to your belt or pouches with a belt clip. Unhook the bag and hang it on the wall of your trailer until you need it again.


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SKU: 500-BK


Width (inches): 5

Depth (inches): 2.5

Height (inches): 9

Weight (pounds): 0.25

Customer Reviews

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K Sharkey
under-rated accessory

I love these things. When paired with a solid belt, these little pouches are sweet for that small job where you have a couple tools, fasteners, etc., but don't want to wear a full setup. When attached to your full rig they are sweet for GRK's and other bulky items that might flip out of your pouches when you are moving around. Great item that is under-rated!

Alex R
DB Sax

Awesome pouch, I’ll put whatever extra fastener I need that day in that pouch, usually ends up being 3 in grks, or 4-6 in structural screws. Clips on easy enough so it’s also real nice for loading up and passing it to people working above or below.

Troy Shetler
DB Sax are awesome!

These are the greatest addition to any pouch system!


DB Sax

Dan Reger
DB Sax is a great add on.

I use the DB Sax for different things depending on what job I'm doing. Its great for shims, extra tube of caulk, water bottle when I'm on a ladder or roof, outlets/ switches when I'm doing electrical. The options are endless for this add on pouch. Great bag for the belt!