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After a year in development The Niko is finally here!
16 Total Tool Slots
15″ Long
9.5″ Wide
4″ Wide Main Pocket Opening


The Clavo (spanish for Nail) is an ideal non-dominant side pouch option if you are looking for something low-profile and compact. Together with the The Mazo, The Clavo has the highest mobility rating of Diamondback pouch options.A padded main pocket divider is the perfect length for finish nail strip and will keep them from snapping. The Clavo will be available in Black and Ranger Green.


The Mazo (spanish for Mallet) is the perfect compact pouch option if you are looking to carry only the essentials. The Mazo has the highest mobility rating of all the Diamondback pouches meaning you won't have to worry about maneuvering through tight spaces or accidentally bumping up against finished surfaces. Together with the Clavo and Hammer Holster they form the Maestro Complete System.

The Diamondback Phone Pouch has an adjustable size. Have a giant smart phone like an iPhone XS Max with a case? No problem. Our Phone Pouch expands to 7.5″ in length. It’s 4.5″ in width will accommodate even the widest phone with case on it. Have a small phone? The Case collapses down to a compact 6″ length.

!Attention! We are gearing up to release an upgraded version of the Denali called the Denali 2.0. As a result we are no longer stocking the original Denali. If you are looking to purchase a Denali you will want to wait until the 2.0 version is released in a few weeks time. XL and Left Handed versions of the Denali are still available using the Build Your Own Section of the website. Check back for updates!!

Weighing in at 5lbs, the Denali Complete System is lightweight, durable and comfortable.