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      Acme Tools

      Full line dealer

      Atlas Tools & Machinery

      Full line dealer

      Burns Tools

      Full line dealer

      Lee’s Tools

      Full line dealer

      Jeon Bro’s Store

      Full line dealer

      Kiwi Tools

      Sweden/Nordic Region
      Full line dealer

      TF Tools

      Full line dealer

      The People’s Tool Co.

      Full line dealer
      Phone: n/a

      Tool Barn

      Full line dealer

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      We are adding dealers every month at a rate that matches our growing production capacity. If you’d like to see Diamondback® in one of your local stores, put in a good word for us!

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      311 Reviews
      • “Our Customers absolutely LOVE these Belts!!! Diamondback has been a great seller for us the moment we brought them in.”
      • “Top quality canvas bag. Niko RH and Elias 2.0 LH setup has been outstanding for the past two weeks. The Niko is well organized for supporting your typical tool setup and the Elias has a ton of pocket space for connectors, wire nuts, and various other items enabling the wearer to work more efficiently with reduced downtime. I was able to order and receive my purchase within a week. My biggest complaint is that the company definitely could include positioning guidelines for their suspender system. However, this was a minor complaint unrelated to the quality of the product and I would recommend these bags to any tradesmen.”
      • 2 months ago
        “This review is for my purchase of the Diamondback Gun Loop. I bought this product in hopes of finding a convenient method to hang a nail gun off my competitors American made bags without damaging the bags by using an attachment point that was not intended to support a nail gun. The Gun Loop has exceeded expectations and as an added bonus it also conveniently provides a separate loop to hang a screw gun off of. This product definitely meets both needs and the attachment is of the clip type so it is easily moved around on your bags or belt to meet the task being performed at the moment. I haven't used the Loop enough yet to comment on its durability but it seems very stoutly constructed. Thanks for making such an innovative American made product.”
      • “I'm an electrician. Decided to buy the Niko with a 4" belt and 2 db saks. It's only been a week but the belt is super comfortable and there's plenty of space and compartments in the pouch, I'm sure I'll be reaching blind to grab tools and replace them in no time just need to get used to the new placement. I'm right handed and hold my tape measure with my left hand I've ordered a holder for my tape measure so I don't have to continually reach across my body to grab it. I'm very happy with my purchase and am happy I made the investment. Thanks Diamondback!!”