Denali 2.0


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The Denali 2.0

Configuration: Elias 2.0 (Right), Wrangell 2.0 (Left), Hammer Holster, Flatbar Holster, 6″ Diamondback® Belt

8 pockets, 16 slots, 6 loops

The Denali 2.0 comes with the right balance of tool and fastener storage for even the most complex and demanding work. Eight generous pockets on a 6″ Diamondback® Belt gives you the ability to carry a maximum load with minimal stress and discomfort on your back and hips.

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Product Specifications

Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz
  • 8 pockets, 16 slots, 6 loops

Denali 2.0 FAQ

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Left-Handed Systems

If you’re left handed, please select the following individual items and put them in your cart:

  1.       Elias 2.0 (Left)
  2.       Hammer Holster (Left)
  3.       Wrangell 2.0 (Right)
  4.       Flat Bar Holster
  5.       6” Diamondback® Belt