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Tempo Belt, Elias (dominant), Wrangell (non-dominant), Hammer Holster (dominant), Flat Bar Holster

Experience the perfect combination of tool and fastener storage with the upgraded Denali ‘24 Diamondback Tool Belt, now featuring the revolutionary Tempo Tool Belt. Boasting eight generous pockets, the Denali ‘24 ensures you can carry a maximum load with minimal stress on your back and hips.

Enjoy the same best-selling pouch features with enhanced support, comfort, and modularity – the hallmark of the new Tempo tool belt. Upgrade to the Denali ‘24 with Tempo Tool Belt and redefine your work experience with unparalleled efficiency and ease.

  • Hammer and Flat Bar holsters come standard
  • Drill bit index in the Elias pouch
  • Protected outer pocket
  • Speed square divider in Wrangell pouch


5 Year



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Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 4.95

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the size of the Tempo Belt the same as other Diamondback tool belts?
No. The Tempo Belt is sized differently than our other belts. Please follow the size guide found here.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with my Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes! All Diamondback pouches and accessories are compatible with the Tempo Belt.
Is the Tempo Belt compatible with non-Diamondback pouches?
The Tempo Belt is only compatible with pouches equipped with hook and loop attachment. It is also compatible with clip-on pouches and accessories. Slide-on pouches are NOT compatible.
What is the best way to clean the Tempo Belt?
Place the Tempo in a wash bag and wash it in a washing machine. Use cold water and detergent. Hang dry. Do NOT place in dryer.
Can I attach a tail pouch or accessories to the back of the Tempo?
Yes. There is a pass-through on the BAC pad for pouches. There are also segmented webbing slots for attaching clip-on accessories.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Francis Desrochers
Absolute experience

I tried my friend's Denali pouch for a day at work and I got stunned by confort and the utilities it provided me. I have no other choice then buy myself one!

Best belt period

This belt is a workhorse and it really helps the back. I recommend this belt to everyone I know.

Patrik Larsen
Best belt

Best belt i have ever owned! 10/10

Going on year 4, still good as new!

I purchased my first set of diamondback pouches just under 4 year ago when was wrapping up my framing & roofing career and headed over to Tesla to install solar roofs. I’m sure everyone here is familiar with solar panels, but Tesla also came out with a “solar roof” it’s a very nice looking product that looks like a super slick normal roof with no solar on it. It is made of solar “shingles” basically different size glass/photovoltaic pieces that look like either standard architectural or even composite shingles but is 100% glass/pv and some metal. We ripped roofs to the decking and if that wasn’t thick enough we also ripped that up and installed 3/4 thick OCB or plywood to support the solar roof installation. This obviously meant a ton of tools and hardware, so I went with the Denali set up and couldn’t be happier! Not only does it perfectly hold all of my equipment-tools and hardware, NOTHING ever falls out of my pouches! Doesn’t matter if I’m hanging off the eave of a 45 pitch, climbing ladders or scaffolds, or just swinging around the roof, I’ve never dropped even a wood screw out of my diamondback pouches! They’re so deep and super tight so they actually take time to “break in” before you can easily pull all your tools out and push them all the way back in. My break in period was probably 3 weeks? If I remember correctly, just shoved all my tools, or biggest tools I had into every little pocket to stretch the material. I also love how close to the body these pouches are! When I’m on a new construction project and have to walk inside to help layout wiring for the power wall or ev car charger, I can easily walk right through studs during rough in (only 14.5 inches of space if the studs are 16” OC) and I can walk right through them no problem, without having to turn my body. Before my diamondbacks I had the occidental leathers, which at first I loved, love the smell of fresh leather, love the look THOUGHT I loved the hammer loop on the back until I got the DB Denali set and it cam with the awesome hammer sleeve…game changer!! I also didnt love how wide the occidental leather pouches were on my hip, they stuck out so far making me have to turn my body sideways to get through tight spaces in attics or studs during rough in phase. The wideness of the OC’s also meant they were a lot less deep than the diamondbacks, I was CONSTANTLY dropping things off the roof, usually at the worst possible time! Also, the thing I loved most about them, the fact that they were LEATHER, became the thing that I ended up hating most about them! I live in New England, which means rain, snow, sleet, 100 degree days in the summer etc. we still worked in all conditions; on the roof. So if it rain, snowed, or sleeted, once that water got into my pouches, it just puddled up and stayed there until I dumped my pouched upside down, then dumping everything I had in the pouches with the water or snow. Same thing in the summer when we pour some water over our bodies, any bit that gets into my pouches would stay there and rust up my tools! Not cool! No water ever puddles up in my diamondbacks and even if it ever did, I can literally tip my pouches upside down and anything in a pocket, stays right in place, I’ve tested this and shook the pouches vigorously while upside down, didn’t lose a single thing, not a bit, not a screwdriver, level, not a nail punch, nothing. Now let’s get to the actual belt itself: hands down the most conformant belt tool belt with the most back and hip support ive ever owned! The classic car seatbelt style buckle is amazing and easily clips on and off, once you tighten the belt to place it doesn’t move, and you can literally get it to 100% fit as it’s a fasten-strap style belt not a buckle and hole style like the occidental leathers are. I’m now a 3rd year electrical apprentice and still use this diamondback Denali set up daily. All of my fellow apprentices LOVE my DB Denali set and tell me every morning before we leave the shop, all of my foremen and journeymen also love it but will never admit it bc they wasted their money on the veto pro pack instead. So every time we’re working on ladders I have EVERYTHING I need, tools, hardware, one hole straps, my drill, etc all on my waist and they have to keep climbing up and down their ladder to grab their stuff or ask me to use mine 😂 I think the reason none of them admit they like it is because my first day at work there one of the friendlier journeyman said “that’s a sick rig, how much that run you!?” And another foreman responded “if you have to ask you can’t afford it” so I think they’re scared to admit they like it now. Anyways, 4 years in and I still love EVERYTHING about these pouches Best set up I’ve ever had! Just a piece of advice for anyone looking to order any setup with the classic belt, I’m a size 30-32 waist depending on the pants, I should have gotten a medium belt but I ordered the large, thought I’d gain weigh changing from roofing to electrician 😂

Adam Dumont
Most comfortable, organized belt I have ever owned!!

The Tempo Belt is incredible! I never imagined wearing a toolbelt could be so effortless. No painful shoulders or hips anymore!

As far as the Denali '24 system, the bags are very well designed. All the tools and fasteners are organized and easy to access.

I have large hands so my biggest concern was that a toolbelt with this many pockets would be difficult to access. No problem there. All the pockets open wide for access but lie flat when not in use or when partially full.

Overall, this is an incredible toolbelt. I am carrying twice as many tools as before and it only feels like half the weight. Additionally, everything is so well organized that there is no fishing around finding the right tool.
Highly Recommend!!!

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Denali '24 Belt System
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Artisan '24 Belt System
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Dawson '24 Belt System
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GRRande '24 Belt System
Pouch Type Slim
Weight (LBs) 4.95
Total Pockets 8
Internal Slots 9
External Slots 7
Tool Loops 3
Hammer Holster Yes
Flat Bar Holster Yes
Tape Pocket Yes
7" Square Slot Yes
Mini Square Slot Yes
Bit Index Yes
Integrated Magnets 0
Attachment Points 11