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Configuration: Miter (Right), Eagle (Left), Hammer Holster, 701 Vest

Great For: Remodelers, Trim Carpenters, Framers

6 pockets, 9 slots, 5 loops

If you need organization but don’t want the bulk and width, the Artisan Complete System is the perfect carpenters vest. Add the comfort and support of the 701 Vest have not only increased your efficiency on the jobsite, but you have expanded the modularity of your system while redistributing the pouch weight away from your hips.

  • 7-slot Drill bit/tool index
  • Speed Square slots
  • Hammer Loop
  • Hammer Holster


5 Year



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Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 4.9

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 701 Vest compatible with Diamondback pouches and accessories?
Yes, Diamondback pouches (and most non-Diamondback pouches) are compatible with all 701 Vests
What is primary difference between the vest sizes?
The vest size is determined by the width of the body...not the length.
What is the benefit to a vest vs supenders?
The vest distributes weight across torso and away from hips and shoulders.
Is the 701 Vest fall harness compatible?
Yes, the 701 Vest fits over the harness and has a slot for the harness ring.
Do you sell extensions for the shoulder straps?
No we do not sell shoulder strap extensions

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Paul Hurst
As it should be

I only had my tool vest for 4 days and everything felt natural. I had to send the vest back to get a smaller size (I'm not as fat as I thought) so I'm back to my old tool belt that is over 12 years old and it feels un-natural! I'm very excited to get my vest back.

Phillip Deramus
Back saver!

I've worked in construction over 25years. Due to bad discs in my back and a pinched nerve. I've given up on wearing any type of tool belt ever again.

This vest system is great! I can carry all my tools again and still walk at the end of the day.

Kevin Cheung


mark smoot

I work in commercial concrete and work 10 plus hours a day and the artisan vest system takes the weigh of my tools off My hips and back and makes my day alot more bearable

Neal Potter
amazing bags

love them!!!been a carpenter for over 25 years I always was a ox fan theses are way lighter my low back pain is no longer