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Tempo Belt, Mazo (dominant), Eagle (non-dominant), Hammer Holster (dominant), Gun Loop

The Chopo has undergone an upgrade with the cutting-edge Tempo Belt. Unveiling the same beloved features, this enhanced version offers added support, comfort, and modularity.

Maintaining essential carry on the dominant side and a pouch large enough for a speed square on the non-dominant side, the Chopo ‘24 includes a hammer holster and gun loop—ensuring you are equipped with your most vital tools. Designed in collaboration with our friend Joe Canning (@canadian_carpenter) as a minimalist framing set-up, the Chopo ‘24 will continue being a favorite among carpenters, drywallers, and those seeking to keep the weight down while maximizing versatility.

Upgrade to the Chopo '24 with Tempo Belt and experience the perfect blend of familiarity and innovation, offering unparalleled support for your varied tasks.

  • 4 Pockets
  • 8 Tool Slots
  • Butterfly Tool Loops
  • 4-slot Bit Index
  • Speed Square Slot
  • 2 Accessory Attachment Points
  • Padded Pocket Divider for Brad Nail Strips


  • 30 day risk free returns
  • Free return/exchange shipping in US (Exclusions apply)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers


Width (inches): See component specs

Depth (inches): See component specs

Height (inches): See component specs

Weight (pounds): 3.15

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Cheung


Erik Williams
Great belt set up

Had the earlier version of this belt system, great for light framing, deck and remodeling work. Was the first system I purchased and loved it.