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Our collection of ergonomically designed premium tool belts and tool belt systems designed with input from people in the trades.

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The 701 Vest has changed the game. See our options for the ultimate support and modular on-body storage.




Our premium line of workwear is constructed with the finest, most durable technical fabrics and designed with an eye toward modern fit, mobility and comfort.

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Customer Testimonials
These belts are 110% worth the investment.
— Matthew S.
I am beyond satisfied. I wish I would have made this jump years ago. Absolutely amazing!
— Santos G.
Best tool belt I’ve ever worn. My biggest regret is I waited so long to buy them.
— Steve H.
These bags have changed my life & I mean that. Years of chronic lower back pain gone! I couldn’t be any more satisfied.
— Edicius B.
Unbelievably comfortable, made to last, and backed by a fantastic warranty and return/exchange policy.
— Garrett D.
I've had my artisan set with double 722 Slingshots for almost a year, suiting my needs perfectly. That's hard to do as a general carpenter, but it's been with me through excavating, forming, framing, finishing, drywall, this thing can do it all.
— Aunt_Grant
Spent years having back problems and once I found the Diamondback tool belts and bought myself one it was amazing how quickly my back problems went away. Best purchase I’ve ever made.
— Level Up Carpentry
After months of research and saving, I made the jump. Could not be more pleased with the product and compatibility (being a lefty). The team at Diamondback is responsive and clearly take a lot of pride in creating a product that lasts.
— Corey B.
Can’t believe I went without the flow and organization of a DB pouch for so long. I love working with tools that are thought out to the last detail.
— Bryntelligence
I only own the hammer holster but it is now the best thing about my tool belt and its not even close. So nice to not have hammer slapping my legs for every step.
— Beechler33
The best tool belt I've put my hands on. Best layout and materials on the market 🔥
— Tyler L.
The most comfortable toolbelt I’ve worn. It's super durable, well made, thoughtfully laid out and pretty light. My most favorite product is probably the DBSax, so versatile and just awesome!
— Danny B.
The 701 vest with the Dos Clavos set up is flawless. For someone who has 3 herniated discs in their back I'm still in disbelief how much comfort it offers! You guys are killing out here in the field!!!
— 79pistol
I went a long time toting tools around in a bucket cause I never found bags that were comfortable and had what I needed as a window and door installer. But the SxS pouch and Miter do exactly what I need and the belt is great! Keep up the good work!
— Fenndude
I am not a framer or carpenter and have tried other tool belts before, but this one was able to correspond with my needs as a plumber to hold everything I needed for rough in without making multiple trips up and down a ladder. Thanks 🙏
— Target Contracting
701 vest was my first purchase and after that I knew I was gonna be customer for life! Ended up getting a belt to rig up for summer months, and love it too! They listen to the trades and what we actually need in the field, and it shows!!
— EastCountySparky