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The Hammer Holster is one of the most popular pieces to the Diamondback System. It rides behind any Diamondback pouch with the head of your hammer at your fingertips and the handle in a padded sleeve that protects your legs and knees, as well as your surroundings.


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Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 2.25

Height (inches): 14

Weight (pounds): 0.3

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Compliments my 701 Vest setup perfectly!

Tristan English
Great tool very easy to use

Great product a little hard to get used to her replacement but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy to grab and put away your hammer and a lot more organical way

Nice Sleeve

Really like you this sleeve keeps the hammer tucked away and easy to grab when needed.

Izaac Lee
Just buy it you know you want to

As a general carpenter who does a bit of everything, this hammer sleeve compliments it all. If I’m rushing around or walking across site my hammer isn’t banging into my legs. If I’m inside doing trim or kitchen fitting my hammer is secure on my hip and it doesn’t fly around and hit/mark stuff as I’m moving. It can be fitted to other tool belts not just diamond back ones. I have the dewalt pro leather and it was easy to secure. The adjustable angle of the is a nice idea but I run it relatively upright all the time and it doest’t need changing. Having said that I’m glad it’s an option and depending what you do day to day it may be more useful to you. I was apprehensive that it would dig into my hip/leg because I’m a relatively skinny guy but there’s more than adequate firm padding and it hasn’t been an issue. Also it’s bulletproof so you don’t have to worry about the sharp cap on the bottom of hammers such as the leather handled estwing scraping up the inside of the sleeve. I can safely say I’ll never go back to hammer loops because of how effortless and beneficial it is to have your hammer safely in a sleeve.

Jeff B.
Save your back!

This was a necessary buy after hearing about fall injuries with hammers in the standard rear center holster - whether true or not the idea of that is too scary. So the hammer holster keeps me safer, is easier to reach, and in combo with my 701 vest I can sit in the work van/just about anywhere any time without worrying.