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3 pockets, 10 slots, 1 Loop, Bit Index

The Mule, the largest pouch in the Diamondback arsenal and the dominant side of our GRRande system, just got an upgrade. That’s right, we listened to our customer feedback to create an elevated version of this popular pouch.

The Mule 2.0 still has the best aspects of the standard Mule, but we have updated and added a few key features. The gallon-plus main pocket has a large mouth, making access easy even in heavy duty gloves. It has ample storage space for large tools or even a driver. The internal tool slots of the main pocket are constructed to allow for a shorter break-in time. A four-slot driver bit index has been added to the top pocket. A webbing clip has been added to the backside of the pouch for hanging DB clip-on accessories or for storing slim tools.

Attachment: Hook and Loop System

What Fits: Large Hand Tools, Pencils, Knife, Tape or Chaulk Line, Drill/Driver, Large Fasteners

Great For: Framers, Form Carpenters, Metal Workers, General Contractors

  • Open Mouth Pocket Design
  • Hammer Loop
  • 2 x Webbing Attachment Points
  • 4-Slot Bit Index
  • Hammer Holster or Flat Bar Holster compatible


  • 30 day risk free returns
  • Free return/exchange shipping in US
  • 5 year warranty
  • Consistent positive reviews from customers


Width (inches): 3

Depth (inches): 5.75

Height (inches): 15.5

Weight (pounds): 1.15

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Arlie McCord
Great pouch

Would love to have a cats paw pocket or sling so it don’t slide out

Raul Sabino
Great pouch for carrying tools

The Mule 2.0 rides on my right side which is my dominant side.It carrys my hammer holster,Love the front piece of webbing infront of the pouch where I hang my impact driver.

Ricky McColloch
So far so good

I’ve worn Occidental bags for over 10 years and loved them. I thought I’d give the Diamondback bags a try. I wanted the fat lip feel but a lighter version. They haven’t disappointed yet. I’m still trying to stretch out the pockets. I run the sxs on my left side for carrying an assortment of nails from framing to sheathing, and screws. Love the big pockets. It’s only been three weeks but I feel like the bag has a lot of potential of being my favorite bags.

Brady F

Best pouch I’ve ever owned, I put my snips, pliers, and knife, pencil, flat bar, punch, chalk box, cats paw, bits, and with the hammer holster attached to it my hammer. Reviews saying pockets are too tight are true and false, when you first buy it they are very very tight like can barely get a tool in a slot but you just have to use them and break in the leather and they open up all diamondback pouches have tight pockets until there worn in. They say you can wash the bags with cold water to quickin up the process and help break them in!!

Mark Pooley
Excellent and Versatile

I have this pouch along with the Ox. Both are great I keep the Mule on my right side (right handed) along with tape, punch/nail set, and small hand tools. The large man compartment is great for dropping a small 12v drill/driver in.

I do wish it had a couple more sleeves for smaller tools in it.