The 4" Classic Diamondback Belt now features our custom DB38 buckle! Lightweight, durable, and available at a new, low price, this belt is designed for those who need reliable support and comfort on the job. Experience the best tool belt that combines strength with ease of use, making it an essential addition to your work gear.


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Width (inches):

Depth (inches):

Height (inches):

Weight (pounds): 1.05

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Classic belt and the Tempo?
The Tempo has upgraded features for better comfort, fit, and modularity and is our premium tool belt offering. The Classic offers exceptional comfort and support at a lower price point.
Can I wear suspenders with the Classic Belt?
Yes, the belts are compatible with any 4-point suspenders.
Is this belt washable?
Yes. Wash in cold water in a wash bag and air dry.
Does the 6" offer more support than the 4" belt?
if you require maximum support for your carry go with the 6" belt. However some body types work better for the support of the 4" belt.
Are these compatible with non-Diamondback pouches?

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Great belt

진영 이
내 몸에 딱 맞는 밸트

작업밸트는 세계최고 입니다.

Brad Marsh
Trying to return

Ended up not being what I needed. Reached out to you guys to return it and have been waiting over a week for a response. So here’s my review.

umm.... not bad

But it's a shame that there's no room to adjust the position of the pouch. So the belt is the right size for my waist, but I have to buy it again in a larger size to fit the pouch position

Austin Soto
4” Classic Belt


I really like the diamondback products and have been impressed with the performance. My only dislike is the belt clasp. It gets stuck and is hard to get unclipped or comes unclipped on its own at times. I use it everyday so the clipped gets used well but not sure what’s causing the issue. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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4” Classic Belt
4” Classic Belt
The Diamondback 2.5" FlexForm Tool Belt
The Diamondback 2.5" FlexForm Tool Belt
Tempo Belt
Tempo Belt
6” Classic Belt
6” Classic Belt
Weight (LBs) 1.05
Hammer Holster No
Flat Bar Holster No
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